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Sunday, 7 August 2016


The 15th day of the Eigth month
In the Chinese calendar
 the Lantern Festival
widely known as
Mid-Autumn Festival

In the olden days
when we were young
We liked to parade with colourful lanterns 
Which came In different shapes and combination of Colour
all of them had the shape of
birds, flowers, rabbits etc

The best part was
we could choose animal or shape what we like
because mummy always brought us to the shop to buy 

As time went by
battery operated lanterns had been introduced

It was more convenient
not like those days when the candle light
could easily been blown off with the slightest wind

We preferred candle lit ones
because we could buy new ones every year
while battery operated ones were made to last!

Mid-Autumn Festival
a time for family reunion

The family would gather after dinner
enjoy the different types of mooncakes 
and seeping their favorite Chinese tea

Children would have their own programe
Together with their cousins
they lighted their lanterns
paraded up and down the road
singing and playing

Making Mooncake can be a tedious job
 I am anxious to make
during this Festive Season
where the whole town is talking about it.

I learnt to make Mooncake quite sometime ago
in a local Community Centre
The method could be old
I have used the modern appliances
to speed up the job!


Ingredients for Skin:(12 pices)
215g Plain Flour 
60g peanut or corn oil 
140g syrup 
3/4 tsp alkali water 

A) 12 salted egg yolk

B) 12 portion of 100g each of Lotus seed paste or red bean paste
     12 tsp of melon seed, roasted

C) egg wash: 1 egg yolk+1 tsp water, strain before using

1) mix ingredients for skin & leave aside for 3 hours or more
2) clean salted egg yolk with some chinese wine to remove the smell
3) drain and steam egg yolk for 20min until cooked, let cool
4) add 1 tsp melon seeds to a portion of the lotus seed paste & press in
5) wrap an egg yolk inside, make into a ball & put aside
6) after 3 hours, divide skin into 35g each (12 balls)
7) press a ball on your palm & put one filling ball in the centre
8) wrap round the filling by slowly pushing the pastry up & pressing in the filling
9) when completely covered, sieve some flour on the wooden mould 
10) sieve flour on the ball on your hand too, especially the sides
11) press the ball into the mould firmly
12) knock on the side of mould twice, front once & the mooncake will be out
13) leave on a piece of grease proof paper, on the baking tray
14) when all done, bake in preheated oven 180'C for 5-8min
15) remove & quickly spray water on the cakes, let cool for 10min
16) egg wash cakes & bake for another 20min until brown
17) leave to cool on wire rack

1) The skin will not break easily if you rest the dough at least 3 hours or more
2) mooncake needs to be cooled down immediately after 1st bake
3) how the mooncake look depends on your egg wash. Do not brush too much
4) mooncake taste best when eaten after 1 to 2 days

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