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Wednesday 28 June 2017


De-hydrated Sourdough

To revive:
20g dry sourdough

Day 1
1. mix 20g dry sourdough in 20g of water (equal amount of water & dry sourdough)
2. stir well, cover loosely with the cap of the bottle.
3. leave aside for 12 hours
4. after 12 hours - give it a good stir, add 40g water & 40g bread flour
6. stir well & leave aside for 12 hours

Day 2
1. take out 50g of the sourdough to feed & keep the rest in the fridge, covered
2. feed the sourdough with equal amount of water and bread flour 
3. leave aside for 8-12 hours
4. take out 50g sourdough from the batch & feed again
5. keep on removing & feeding until you see an active sourdough, i.e. a lot of bubbles

To feed:
with equal weight of sourdough, water and flour i.e.
50g sourdough starter
50g water
50g bread flour

1) sourdough is ready for baking 
     a. when it rises to more than double its original volume within 3 hours
     b. if you scoop some sourdough to put in a cup of water, it will float (float test)

2) if you receive wet sourdough starter, just start with the feeding regime.


An easy Sourdough Loaf
with the help of a Bread machine

Of course, you can omit the Roll Oats Topping 
if you prefer it plain

Sourdough Rolled Oats Soft Loaf
100g Sourdough
230g bread flour
20g raw rolled oats
30g brown sugar
160g (1 egg+fresh milk)
20g butter
1 tsp salt

Day 1
1. knead all ingredients to form a dough, cover & leave aside 60min
2. knead to de-gas, cover & leave in fridge 15-24 hours
Day 2
3. thaw dough @ RT for 40min
4. shape & put into a loaf pan, proof 3 hours until 2.5 in size
5. egg wash loaf & sprinkle roll oats on top, press in oats
6. bake in pre heated oven 175.C for 40min


This is a familiar comfort food 
for many of us

With simple ingredients
which are always available in the kitchen
it is easy to whip up too

Discarded sourdough produces soft and nice crepes.
If you are interested, do try this recipe

150g sourdough (can be replaced with 75g each of flour & water/milk)
2 eggs, beaten
2 Tbsp oil or melted butter
1 Tbsp sugar or syrup
fresh milk to adjust batter to a thin consistency 

1. whip together all ingredients & fry 
2. enjoy

(a) These crepes can be eaten:
     1. on its own 
     2. spread with peanut butter
     3. drizzle with maple syrup
     4. wrap with fruits & cream

Sunday 4 June 2017


Fruit yeast starter 
an alternative natural leavening for bread
other than Sourdough.

With the guidance of members 
Fermenting And Baking With Wild Yeast Water
I have successfully produced an active apple yeast water
which I gladly share here.

Apple Yeast Water
2 apples, chopped or grated (better with skin on)
500ml water
4 tsp raw cane sugar
 Active Apple Yeast water on the 3rd day

1st fermentation with Bread flour

1. mix all ingredients & give it a good shake
2. cover & leave aside to ferment
3. next day, open the cover to let gas out, shake the bottle at least twice a day
4. repeat (3) for 2nd, 3rd & 4th day until you see a lot of bubbles
5. take out 100ml apple yeast water, mix with 100g bread flour, stir vigorously
    and leave aside until double in volume
6. once double, remove 1/2 & feed the remaining with 100ml apple yeast water
    & 100g bread flour. Leave aside to ferment until double before using as 
    leavening for bread

I used this natural leavening for a soft loaf, 
referring to Adelinealy's Grape Yeast starter soft Milk Loaf

Apple Yeast Starter Soft Milk Loaf
a) 250g HP flour
    50g AP flour
    40g thickened cream/yoghurt/whipping cream
    40g milk 
    1 egg
    6 Tbsp apple yeast water
    100g active apple yeast starter from above
    2 Tbsp milk powder

B) 1/4 tsp salt
     35g butter

Day 1
1. mix (A) in a bread machine, dough cycle 30min
2. 1/2 way, add salt & butter
3. transfer to a greased container to proof at RT 60min, snf 2 times
    @ 30min interval
4. retard in fridge for 12 hours

Day 2
5. thaw at RT 2 hrs, snf 2X @ 30min interval
6. preshape & rest 15min
7. Shape & FP 2 hrs @ RT
8. do a finger test, score loaf & bake covered for 25min @ 200'C
9. remove lid & bake @ 175'C for another 25min
10. Tent loaf if it turns too dark

for same day bake, I jump from No.3 to 6



Naturally leaven baos
are denser and heavier than the instant yeasted

Nevertheless they taste just as good

I have adapted the recipe from
Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover

Steamed Sourdough Plain Bao
300g Bao flour
180g active sourdough starter, cultured with AP flour
40g sugar
70g fresh milk
50g water
15g corn oil or shortening
a pinch of salt

1. all ingredients into the bread machine, knead until smooth
2. cover & set aside to proof until double in size
3. divide & shape into balls, place on grease proof paper
4. cover & let rise for another 60min, until double in size. Do not over proof
5. bring water to a boil in a steamer. Steam bao over low heat for 10min
6. do not open the steamer lid, let bao sit in the steamer to cool down for 10min 
    so that the skin of bao will not wrinkle.