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Sunday 16 February 2020



This Wheat Pearls Dessert
is a popular Dessert in Malaysia,
both among the Chinese (Mak Chuk)
and the Malays (Bubur Gandum)

Mak Chuk
100g wheat pearls
2 pandan leaves
1000ml water
120ml coconut milk
Gula Melaka. to taste
1/4 tsp salt

1. soak wheat pearls for 3-4 hours
2. drain & bring to boil pearls in 1 litre of water
3. when boiled, add pandan leaves
4. lower the heat to simmer
5. about 1 hour, when the pearls are soft, add the rest of the ingredients
6. Serve warm

If you have a thermo pot, boil the wheat pearls & pandan leaves for 10min over
the stove, then keep in the thermo pot to continue cooking overnight.  Next morning,
heat up & add the rest of the ingredients before serving.


Bread Pudding
is making use of the day old bread
to make this sweet dessert.

You can find this in most of the buffet spread.

Bread Pudding
2-3 slices day old bread, tear into pieces
1 egg
250ml fresh milk
20-25g sugar
dash of vanilla essence & a little melted butter for flavour
some raisins or cranberries

1) beat together egg, sugar and milk (add vanilla & melted butter if used)
2) arrange bread pieces in ramskin
3) sprinkle in the raisins or cranberries
4) pour liquid onto the bread & let it soak through (5-10min)
5) bake in water bath @180'C for 35min
6) Either serve warm or chilled