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Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Monday 25 April 2016


Many of us like white bread
especially when it is soft and flavourful

This loaf 
baked with overnight dough
is nice and soft

Recipe adapted from Lynn Lim's
simple Milk Bread

A) Overnight Sponge Dough 
     100g bread flour
     70g water 
     1/4 tsp instant yeast

B) Gelatinized Dough
     50g bread flour
     35g hot boiling water

Prepare 1 day in advance:
1) mix all ingredients in (A) and let proof 30min @ room temperature,
    cover & refrigerate overnight
2) (B) pour hot water over flour and mix well, cover & refrigerate overnight

C) Main Dough
     75g bread flour
     25g cake flour
     35g sugar
     1/2 tsp salt
     10g milk powder
     30g butter
     65g cold milk
     1/2 tsp instant yeast

3) remove A & B from fridge & leave outside for 30min before using
4) add (C) to bread machine, follow by (A) & (B)
5) bread cycle 

Wednesday 20 April 2016


This dish is cooked 
with fresh bamboo shoot bought from the market

When you cannot find fresh ones
subsitute with canned bamboo shoot

Bamboo Shoot Pork

Have you ever tasted
 this traditional Foochow dish?

My late mother-in-law's 
favourite dish
served ONLY
during Chinese New Year re-union!

She used the de-hydrated Bamboo shoot from China
soaked it for days 
before stewing with pork slices

She usually cooked very large portion
we could only finish by the end of the 

Believe me,
it tastes better each day after re-heating!

Dried bamboo shoots are not easy to come by.
I use fresh ones if I happen to find in the wet market
if not
canned ones are fine 

300g pork belly, cut in bite size
1/2 can bamboo shoot, sliced coarsely
3 Tbsp foochow rice wine residue
few slices of ginger
1 Tbsp sugar
1.5 tsp salt
pepper to taste
1 Tbsp cooking oil

1) heat oil & fry ginger slice until fragrant
2) add pork slices and fry until meat shrinks
3) add rice wine residue, taking care not to burn
4) add water & simmer until meat is tender and gravy thickens
5) add bamboo shoot, salt, sugar & pepper to taste
6) serve 


This soft and smooth 
texture of egg custard 
is loved by many of us in the family

Steamed Egg Custard

A)   For Caramel:
             3 Tbsp sugar
             2 Tbsp water
             1/2 tsp lemon juice

B)  For Custard:
             320g milk
             2 large eggs
             1/4 tsp vanilla
             3 Tbsp sugar

1) heat 4 ramekin in boiling water
2) To prepare custard, lightly beat eggs with sugar
3) add milk, vanilla & mix to dissolve sugar
4) strain custard mixture & leave aside
5) heat (A) in a small pot to caramelise, taking care not to burn
6) when colour turns amber, remove from heat
7) divide caramel into 4 heated ramekin
8) divide the egg mixture into the 4 ramekin
9) steam at medium low heat for 15min
10) remove & let cool
11) cover with cling wrap & chill, serve cold