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Wednesday 24 May 2017


Curry Chicken 
is a versatile one bowl dish

You can either serve with rice,
soft bread, crusty bread or flat bread.

If cannot finish the same day
you can serve as a sauce for boiled noodles, beehoon or spaghetti
and still taste yummy!

My mom does not like spicy food.
She only likes the curry chicken that she cooks
because it is less spicy
with the minimum spices
and to top it all, 
easy to cook!

If you are interested
this is her version of curry chicken which I fondly call
Easy Mummy's Curry Chicken.

It is really easy!

Easy Mummy's Curry Chicken
(A) 1/2 chicken, chop into bite size
       2 potatoes, cut in wedges

(B) 5 garlic
      10 shallots
      20 dried chili, remove seeds & soak in hot water to soften

(C) add some water to make a paste
      3-4 Tbsp curry powder
      1/2 tsp turmeric powder
(D) 4-5 Tbsp cooking oil
      2 lemon grass, smashed
      1-2 cup water
      some curry leaves
     100g coconut milk
      salt & sugar to taste

1) blend (B) garlic, shallots & chili until fine
2) heat oil in a kuali, turn heat down to low and add (B) to fry until fragrant
3) add curry powder paste & lemon grass, fry until red oil has surfaced
4) add chicken, potato & curry leaves, and continue frying
5) add water to cook until chicken is tender
6) add coconut milk, salt & sugar to taste
7) serve

Mom's Notes to me:
1. Do not be stingy with oil, curry gets its colour from oil
2. always use LOW heat to fry chili paste until fragrant
2. must fry until the oil separates from the paste, no short cut!


Unknown said...

Thanks Kstie!!! I tried it, an absolutely beautiful authentic curry! ������

Pauline Ong from Facebook said...

Katie, your curry looks so yummilicious. The colour is absolutely gorgeous

Katie Foong: Thanks to my mom's NOTES at the end of the recipe...

Annie Teo from Facebook said...

Beautiful color, looks rich n flavorful

Katie Foong: The coconut milk & US Russet potatoes have contributed to the effect!

Evelyn Low from Facebook said...

So yummy.... Can share some πŸ˜€

Katie Foong: Of course I love to share with you, Hope you can reach in time before it is wiped clean.

Maria Wong from Facebook said...

wow...super yummy..i'll try this recipe with pork ribs! Thanks so much Katie Foong<3

Katie Foong I tried with pork ribs too. Good

Delvin Tan from facebook said...

I want a bowl to serve with my roti kok. Hehe! Sooo Delicious πŸ˜‹

Katie Foong: I will serve you in a plate instead , can Sapu the chap also haha!

Agnes Tan from Facebook said...

Ah yoh.. so yummy... i dont like also chilli.
My kids like curry but non spicy type...

Katie Foong: My mom does not like spicy & herbs. So these are reduced to the minimum..

Agnes Tan: Oh.. 20 chilli not spicy?? πŸ˜„

Katie Foong: think the chili I bought not spicy. You can put less...

Mooy Lee from Facebook said...

Katie I had try cooking this curry chicken using your recipe .my son said yummy

Katie Foong:Thank you. Must let my mom know so many of you have tried & confirmed yummy, haha!

Carol Teh from Facebook said...

I also cooked for yesterday dinner following ur recipe Katie.
I like it too.......thanks

Image may contain: food

Katie Foong :Thank you. So my mom's recipe is confirmed nice, haha!

Cheryl Banaena from Facebook said...

Nice curry and color. May I know if you are using a particular brand of curry powder to make this curry?

Katie Foong: I use adabi (for meat curry

Unknown said...

I tried your recipe, Katie. Turned out so yummy. My sayur/veggie seller came late. I used belly pork to cook instead.

Unknown said...

I tried your recipe, Katie. Turned out so yummy. My sayur/veggie seller came late. I used belly pork to cook instead.

Adeline Song Jun Ling from Facebook said...

Aunty Katie, I made curry chicken yesterday using your recipe n it was really yummy! Thank u!!