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Tuesday 10 September 2019


is a 'soft version' of the jackfruit.

It has a distinct smell you either like it or hate it
just like the King of Fruits, durians!

I bought the kampong type 
where there are many seeds covered with a thin layer of flesh.
If you come across a 'kahwin' type you may get less seeds but the flesh is thick!

A word of caution:
The fibre of the chempedak is quite difficult to bite and break,
so it is usually swallowed after chewing for sometime!

If you deep fry it, then it is easier to eat!
Like to try?
Here is the batter for deep frying:

Crispy Deep Fried Chempedak
batter enough for 20 pieces:

60g self raising flour
10g rice flour
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp baking powder
90g water

1) mix all ingredients until smooth
2) heat up oil for deep frying
3) coat chempedak with the batter
4) lower the heat & drop the fruits individually into the hot oil
5) when it starts to brown, increase temperature & let it brown
6) remove & drain
7) serve warm

1) too high heat will not cook the seeds! Normally the seeds are eaten together!

Sunday 1 September 2019


Yellow Rice Wine Chicken
is a well loved dish among the Chinese
especially the ladies!

It is a dish fit for new mothers.
It helps to expel 'wind' from the body and keeps it warm.

The ingredients are simple but the taste is really good.

Yellow Wine Chicken

1 chicken thigh, chopped into pieces
10 slices old ginger
some black fungus, soaked & cut into strips
1/2 Tbsp sesame seed oil
150ml rice wine, can be less
200ml water

1) fry ginger in sesame seed oil until fragrant
2) add chicken pieces and black fungus to fry
3) add rice wine when the chicken pieces start to shrink
4) add water, cover and bring to a boil
5) when chicken is soft, add salt to taste.
6) serve hot!