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Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Sunday 15 March 2020


Cranberry Squares
can be whipped up easily if you run out of something for tea.
It is done in One Bowl!

Cranberry Squares
100g salted butter, melted
100g sugar
2 eggs 
1 tsp vanilla essence
115g self raising flour or plain flour +3/4 tsp baking powder
60g dried cranberry

1. beat together sugar & melted butter 
2. add vanilla essence & eggs, one at a time
3. beat until well combined & light
4. fold in flour making sure do not overbeat!
5. add dried cranberries& pour into a line baking tray
6. bake in preheated oven 170'C for 25-30min until done.
7. best served warm!


Soft Nougat
wrapped in parchment paper

Kenneth Goh shared this nougat recipe.
He said "these marshmellow nougats are soft, chewy and delicious.
You can make more and sell them to earn some money," haha!

Soft Nougat
40g butter
200g marshmellow
100g milk powder
100g dried cranberries, steamed to soften

1. melt butter in a non-stick pan at low heat
2. add marshmallows and stir until the marshmallows are 80% melted
3. add the milk powder & mix until the milk powder is no more visible
4. turn off heat and mix in the dried cranberries
5. quickly scrap all into a lined baking tray
6. even it with a piece of parchment on top
7. refrigerate 1 hour before cutting

8. turn the nougat onto a cutting board
9. cut into small rectangles
10. wrap in pieces of rice paper or parchment paper
11. store nougat in an airtight container at room temperature


Clear Vegetable Soup

I love soups
Someone mentioned that Foochow people like soups.
Indeed, most Foochows have a bowl of soup on the table during meal times.
I am one that never miss.

We like to boil soups with chicken or pork or bones
because it makes the soup tasty and nutritious.

Recently Kelly Yip posted a vegetable soup
and she said that it was yummy.

I was curious and the next day I boiled one for myself
using the vegetables that I have in the house.
I find that the soup is clear,
sweet and tasty, minus the fats!

Perhaps you may like to try boiling one too.

Clear Vegetable Soup
2 carrots, cut in wedges
1-2 corn, cut to the size you can hold if you want to eat it
2 dried mushrooms, washed & halved
some red dates, sliced open 

1. everything into the slow cooker
2. add the amount of water you want
3. boil for 2 hours, 1 hour on HIGH & another on LOW
4. serve slightly cooled

Sunday 1 March 2020


Yoghurt Cake
is light and fluffy, with a hint of butter.
The beauty of this cake is that it uses the a one bowl method!
I have adapted the recipe from cherienoms

Yoghurt Cake
175g salted butter
150g caster sugar
3 eggs, large
245g self raising flour
1 small tub yoghurt 110g

1) sift flour, line 2 small loaf pan, preheat oven 175'C
2) cream butter and sugar until light & fluffy
3) add eggs, one at a time, making sure the it is well combined
4) fold in sifted flour, alternate with yoghurt
5) pour batter into prepared loaf pan
6) bake in preheated oven 175'C for 40-45min until done