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Sunday 28 August 2016


8 Treasure Tonic

commonly known as
Pak Chan

consists of 8 herbs
for the benefit of ladies
certain herbs like Dang Shen also beneficial to man
now whole family can share the same soup

I was told 
to wash eggs with shell on
boil together with the Bak Chang herbs

I put off the idea as I find the shell may be contaminated
I prefer to hard boil the eggs
remove the shell
then only dump into the boiling 
Bak Chang

Some even suggest 
boil Bak Chang first round to extract the nutrients
for the lady of the house
add water, chicken & eggs to boil 2nd round
for the whole family

I tried it.
2nd round tastes good as it is not so thick
especially with added chicken
it tastes even better

1 pkt pak chan
1/2 chicken, chopped into chunks
2 eggs, hard-boiled

1) rinse Pak Chan herbs & put into a pot
2) add sufficient water to cover the herbs
3) bring to a boil, lower heat & simmer for an hour
4) drain tonic for the lady of the house
5) add chicken, eggs & water to bring to a boil
6) turn down heat & simmer for 1-2 hours
7) serve hot for the family


Kelly Yip from Facebook said...

For a moment i thought u say glutinuous rice hahs.
The c chinese word is Pat Chan
September 5 at 9:36am

Katie Foong Ya, sounds like glutinous rice dumbling !
September 5 at 10:05am

Lisa Brown from Facebook said...

Delicious n nutritions herb chicken soup ...love it 👍💕❤
September 5 at 9:45am

Katie Foong Agree👍
September 5 at 10:06am

Edwin Tan from Facebook said...

Ba zhen - Mandarin
Pueh Tin - Hokkien

I prefer the Shi Quan Da Bu Tang. Ten tonic, just additional 2 more herbs.

Great soup to fortify the blood esp for ladies after the time of the month.
September 5 at 12:50pm

Katie Foong: Yes. Perhaps you can have a look here:

September 5 at 3:24pm

Edwin Tan: My late mum used to cook this,
one of my favourite herbal soup.
Every time I drink this,
it will remind me of her boiling this soup and the whole house will be filled with this delicious herbal scent.
September 5 at 3:27pm

Katie Foong: Exactly! Our fond memory of grandma too.
September 5 at 3:28pm

Edwin Tan: Oh and the pantang of not drinking cold water
or tea or something like that after drinking this soup,
if not white hair!
😂 I dunno if she said that to scare us or what!
September 5 at 3:29pm

Katie Foong: Haha! No cold drink, if not wasted her effort!
September 5 at 3:31pm

Edwin Tan: So it's true?!
September 5 at 3:32pm