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Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Wednesday 30 November 2022



God with us 

Today is 30th November 2022, I am sharing with you what happened on last Friday 25th November.

I dropped my spectacles one day ago. Early in the morning I decided to walk the same route in search of my lost spectacles alone. It was a usual route that I go for morning walk.

Full of hope and expectation, I walked and my eyes were looking left & right hoping to catch a glimpse of the orange colour spectacle box.  

All of a sudden, ‘Bong’ I found myself down on my knees & my right shoulder on the floor, supporting the half fallen upper torso, on the five foot way ! 

All I could remember was calling on the name of the Lord Jesus. I could not remember how many times I called Him, and I also heard myself kept thanking the Lord for being there for me. 

I was able to stand up with bruises on my knees, hands, arms & shoulder. I applied antiseptic on both of my palms & my knees, and I was able to complete the journey & came home. 

(These photos taken today, 5 days later)

I cleaned the bruises & applied some oil, and my husband and I were on our way to meet my sister Veron in Tampines Mall, by bus. Veron came to Singapore with her friends since 22nd Nov. We could only meet on this day because of her tight schedule. We had a great time talking, and sharing over a simple lunch. The time was well spent, with lots of catching up. Thank God for the wonderful time together. 

(the bruise on my knees) 

As we parted, we came home by bus too. There was no pain in the bruises, in fact all this while I was having arthritis pain in the thumb & the trigger fingers. 

Today is the fifth day after the fall, and the bruises had not given me pain or problem. I just realised that God has given me a sign that  He was with me when I fell - a cross on my right shoulder! 

This is our God. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is always there for us as we call on His name. Praise Him. All glory and honour unto our God the Mighty God of heaven and earth, amen 

Monday 14 November 2022


To make 2 Litres Kombucha: 


1.5L pre-boiled water, left to cool overnight


3 tea bags @2g each of black tea 

100g sugar

500ml (2cups) water


From previous brew:

1 Scoby 

250ml starter tea 


1) boil 500ml water 

2) once the water boils, turn off heat & add tea bags. Let to steep for 10min

3) remove teabags, and add 100g sugar 

4) stir the tea until sugar dissolves. 

5) allow the tea to cool to room temperature, 1/2 day 

6) to assemble: 

    Into a large bottle add:

     1.5L overnight boiled water

      500ml sweetened cooled tea

      250ml  starter tea


7) stir, and cover the bottle with cloth as Scoby needs to breathe

8) wrap the bottle with cloth or newspaper to cut off the light

9) F1 - allow the tea to sit for 1 - 2 weeks (depends on the taste that you prefer) 

10) F2 - drain the tea into bottles to ferment at room temperature for 2 days

11) store bottles in fridge after F2


1) cut fruits or juices may be added during F2 to add flavour & colour to the drink

2) never fill bottle to the brim as pressure is created during F2 fermentation. The tea may shoot up or even burst the bottle ! 

3) if you prefer fizzy drink, screw the cap tight during F2, but be careful when opening.

Happy Brewing! 

You will love its colour as you  enjoy a glass of cold fizzy kombucha.