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Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Sunday 31 July 2016


As human we have our selfish ideas
Thinking that God is just like one of us
Everything belongs to Him
And that we are under His control!

God is fair! He always gives us a choice
He is not a tyrant Nor an un-reachable God
He provided for us even before we were born
He has every right to take control over us.

He sacrificed His one and only Son
The sinless one, hung on the tree
Just to reconcile us back to Him
So that we can call Him Abba Father

The Father's abundant love for us
Is clearly shown in the cross
And by His stripes we have been healed
Body, soul and spirit!

By this, we know that God wants us to live
An abundant life, free of pain & sufferings
Then, why does God still allow sufferings?
Know you not it is our choice?

Turn back to God and He will make all things right
He will comfort you and heal your brokenness
His heart aches even more when we are in pain
Seeing us not accepting His provision in the cross

Remember our God is a good And faithful God
He forgets your sins and accepts you as you are
Gives you the privilege of a son
And let you come face to face with Him

This is our God, ever so forgiving
So, do not go on a detour anymore
Come back to Him
His wide open arms are waiting for you.


How many of us Are willing to let go
And ask God to take control of our lives?
Especially we think that God is so far away
And that He is too busy to hear our cries?

Have you ever ponder on His Words and His promises?
Is God really out of sight and out of mind?
If you dare to try God, you will surely see God's hand
For if we call out His name, He will surely hear us!

He is not far from us. He is right here with us.
We believe that our body is the temple of God
And that He never leaves us Nor forsake us
He is more than willing to stretch out His helping hands!

Many of us tend to forget what God has done for us, and
Not giving Glory to God for what He has done in our lives
Instead, murmuring about our prayers not answered
And also being blinded by the circumstances around us!

Since the beginning of time, God has plans for His children
He is a good God, undoubtly His plans are good
Trust Him and He will guide us to embark on His plan
We will see Hope if we will let Him take control of our lives!

Sunday 24 July 2016


Lu Mien
spoken in Foochow dialect 
yellow noodles
in thick dark soup

This dark soup is actually made from
the sauce derived from 
cooking the pork 

It gets its authentic taste from bamboo shoots.
We can only get fresh bamboo shoots from Sitiawan fresh market.
 So glad now we can get canned ones quite easily.

To start
we must cook the pork 
in dark soya sauce & some simple ingredients

Pork is then sliced & 
the sauce is used to cook soup by adding stock

To shorten the procedure
very often char siu is used to replace the dark pork belly!

pork belly 
1) marinated in black sauce, soya sauce, sugar, pepper, a little
    5 spice powder & salt
2) pan seared the pork (optional)
3) add the marinate & some water to cook through 

stock, can be from ikan bilis or bones
garlic, minced
fresh shrimps
fish cake & cuttle fish, sliced
scallion, cut into 1" length
pork belly, sliced (I replaced some with char siew for colour)
1 egg, beaten
thickener, 2 Tbsp corn flour + water

Optional: (but will give authentic lu mien taste)
bamboo shoot, sliced
cabbage, cut into pieces
dried lily bulb (golden needle in Foochow), soaked & knotted
dried black fungus (mumi). soaked

For added natural flavour (to replace the chicken powder)
suggested by Ding Mee Ling, my very good Fuzhou friend in Sitiawan-
add 2 whole big onions to the soup while boiling the stock

1) fry garlic in oil & add stock, pork stew gravy & bring to a boil
2) add shrimps, fish cake, cuttle fish & sliced stew pork
3) once boiled, add more black sauce to darken the colour
4) add salt, pepper & chicken powder to taste
5) thicken the soup with thickener & stir in beaten egg & scallion
6) cook noodles separately in plain water & put into a serving bowl
7) pour dark soup over & enjoy

Note: This is best eaten with 
           1) chopped garlic in vinegar &
           2) kampong koh chiili sauce


I have adapted this recipe form
Mandy Ng's Sunny Sugar Bun with Butter Filling

I prefer my bread 
with added oat brans or wholemeal
I have replaced part of the flour 

Sugar Buns

1 large egg
135g cold milk
250g bread flour, I replaced 25g with oat bran
3g instant yeast
30g sugar
3g salt
30g butter

60g butter )
30g icing sugar )
pinch of salt )
15g egg )
60g milk powder ) mix all & leave in fridge until required

1) everything goes into the bread machine, bread dough cycle
2) let proof 1 hour while I prepare the filling
3) divide into 12 portions, and form into balls
4) roll flat each ball & wrap a heaped teaspoon filling into each ball
5) leave on baking sheet to rise for 60min or until double
6) egg wash before sending into the oven
6) bake in preheated oven of 160'C for 20min


Foochow people 
make their Meat Pau different from other dialects

They are generous with the filling

They like to mince the meat 
shaped into a ball
wrapped around a piece of egg

You can easily buy this pau from 
any coffee shop in Sitiawan
Pau cottage factory
in Simpang Tiga
a small town in Sitiawan

Foochow Pau

140g minced pork
60g big onions, chopped
2 tsp ginger, chopped
1/2 tsp dark soya sauce
1/2 tsp chicken powder
1 tsp soya sauce
1/2 tsp salt
pepper to taste
1/2 tsp chinese wine
1 tsp corn flour

3 Tbsp water

2 hard boiled eggs, quartered

1) Mix all ingredients except water, last item in the list
2) stir thoroughly until it is  very well mixed
3) add water by the Tbsp, stir well until water has been absorbed
4) add the next Tbsp of water and do the same
5) when the last tablespoon of water has been absorbed, leave it in the fridge
6) divide into 8 portions when ready to wrap pau

165g pau flour, sifted
25g sugar
13g shortening
90g water
1/2 tsp yeast
1/2 tsp double action baking powder

1) place all ingredients in bread machine, dough cycle
2) let dough rest 1/2 hour
3) divide dough into 8 portions, roll into balls
4) roll flat, place a meat ball in the centre, press in 1 pc egg
5) wrap up & seal
6) place on grease proof paper & leave in steamer
7) let proof for 20min in the steamer
8) steam pau for 20min 
9) leave pau in steamer for 5min before opening cover


Crispy and sweet
you can never have enough
if you do not mind the oil

I have made these several times
with glutinous rice flour, combining both raw & cooked (tang mien)

This time
I replaced some flour with mashed sweet potato
I find it softer
without losing its crispiness on the outside
overall tastes even better 

Some call it Sesame Seed Ball 
others call it Jin Doi

However you name it
it is simply flour wrapped with filling
coated with sesame seed
deep fried

Filling can be either 
red bean paste or
lotus seed paste or
peanut sugar

If you like to try making some, just follow this recipe below:

Sesame Seed Ball

20g tang mien flour
40g boiling water
50g sweet potato, cooked & mashed
100g glutinous rice flour
28g shortening
60g water

1) pour boiling water over tang mien & stir to combine
2) mix all ingredients together and knead until smooth
3) divide into 10 portions, form into balls
4) roll flat & wrap filling according to your liking
5) dip in water & coat with sesame seed
6) deep fry until golden, remove

95g peanuts, toasted
40g sugar

1) blend or pulse together & leave aside

Thursday 21 July 2016


Ever wonder why some can fry so crispy ikan bilis?

The answer is:

1) type of ikan bilis used 
2) the method  of   frying

I bought the right type of ikan bilis, 
one that is meant for frying snacks

then I

1) rinse the ikan bilis under running water and 
2) fry in heated oil until quite dry
3) remove & heat up the oil again
4) one more time, pour the ikan bilis back to the hot oil
5) remove when the ikan bilis is dry 
6) leave the ikan bilis in kitchen towel to remove excess oil
7) and there you go, Crispy Ikan Bilis

1) Some like it fried with some groundnuts
2) some like it with sugar & chilli added

Whatever way you like, just do it!


Scallion Pancake
popular dessert among the Chinese

It can be crispy 
you do not mind the additional oil added

It can be fragrant of 'wok' 
if you do not mind it a bit burn
when fried under higher heat

The steps are easy 
as follows:

Scallion Pancake
240g all purpose flour
230g boiling water
salt to taste
cooking oil
1.5 cups of chopped scallion

1) pour boiling water slowly into flour, mixing
2) when combined, cover & leave aside for 20min
3) knead to form a smooth dough, cover & leave for 30min
4) divide dough into 3 portions
5) each portion, roll flat, oil the surface & sprinkle salt & scallion 
6) roll up like a swiss roll
7) turn & form the roll into a circle, with ends tucked in
8) roll flat to 1/2" thickness
9) heat pan, oil & put the pancake onto the hot pan
10) cover & allow to cook for 2min, flip over & cook the other side
11) flip over & oil both surface & continue cooking until done
12) serve hot

Note: If you are generous with oil, it will be crispy

Monday 18 July 2016


All flew in from various places: Butterworth, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur 
and met up with Singapore group 
at Changi Airport

to depart together to Copenhagan

On the day of arrival
full of energy 
we walked round Copenhagan

till late at night
standing in front of the closed Lego shop

The House Of Lego

Watch out!

A Pick Pocket Caught In Action

This picture was taken by David Sim while he was in Copenhagan
almost the same time as we were there
He posted the picture on Facebook!

On board the ship

Approaching Stokholm

Special thanks to Bro Daw Ching
waking up at 4am 
to capture the beautiful scene
 we were all sound asleep 

See what I bought from Copenhagan: 


After soaking 48 hours, cleaning, boiling 90min, & soaking another 24 hours

Finally on the table

crunchy & nice

Monday 11 July 2016

Sunday 10 July 2016



is soft and springy

made with
Tang Zhong
& whipping cream 

I have adapted the recipe from Mandy Ng

Tang Zhong
20g bread flour +
100g water - mix well & stir over low heat until slightly thicken
                      and can see the bottom of pot
                      remove from heat & left to cool

all of the Tang Zhong
10g whipping cream
85g milk
1 large egg
30g butter
6g salt
30g cooked quinoa
280g bread flour
30g brown sugar
4g instant yeast

1) all dough ingredients go into the bread machine according to list
2) dough cycle, 1.5hrs
3) take out & shape into 10 balls
4) arrange on baking tray to rise for 1 hour
5) when ready to go into the oven, brush top with milk & decorate with
    sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds
6) bake in preheated oven @200'C for 15min

Thursday 7 July 2016


our 8 year old grandson
likes to write stories

His recollection
 on stories he read
coupled with his wild imagination
His stories are always action packed

There is never a dull moment
in the story

Much thinking and planning has been done
on the characters
and their behavior

Even their names have been carefully chosen
to create effectiveness

Good attempt for his age

Keep it up Ethan!

'Metal Boy Is Here'
was written when he was 7 years old


Panna cotta is a soft pudding
made with boiled cream,
sugar & gelatin.

Panna cotta is smooth,
with a gently wobble.
It gives a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Adding cut fruits into the pudding 
simply drizzle a sauce over to garnish
I assure you 
it will taste luxurious
looks beautiful

For added colour & flavour
replace some liquid with
fruit puree

1 tsp gelatin
20g water
160g cream
160g milk
15g sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt

1) sprinkle gelatin onto the water
2) heat gelatin water, add cream & sugar (Do not boil)
3) when gelatin & sugar have dissolved, remove from heat
4) add milk, vanilla extract & salt
5) stir in fruits if using
6) pour into moulds or ramskins
7) refrigerate 4 hours to set