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Thursday, 21 July 2016


Scallion Pancake
popular dessert among the Chinese

It can be crispy 
you do not mind the additional oil added

It can be fragrant of 'wok' 
if you do not mind it a bit burn
when fried under higher heat

The steps are easy 
as follows:

Scallion Pancake
240g all purpose flour
230g boiling water
salt to taste
cooking oil
1.5 cups of chopped scallion

1) pour boiling water slowly into flour, mixing
2) when combined, cover & leave aside for 20min
3) knead to form a smooth dough, cover & leave for 30min
4) divide dough into 3 portions
5) each portion, roll flat, oil the surface & sprinkle salt & scallion 
6) roll up like a swiss roll
7) turn & form the roll into a circle, with ends tucked in
8) roll flat to 1/2" thickness
9) heat pan, oil & put the pancake onto the hot pan
10) cover & allow to cook for 2min, flip over & cook the other side
11) flip over & oil both surface & continue cooking until done
12) serve hot

Note: If you are generous with oil, it will be crispy

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