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Sunday, 24 July 2016


Crispy and sweet
you can never have enough
if you do not mind the oil

I have made these several times
with glutinous rice flour, combining both raw & cooked (tang mien)

This time
I replaced some flour with mashed sweet potato
I find it softer
without losing its crispiness on the outside
overall tastes even better 

Some call it Sesame Seed Ball 
others call it Jin Doi

However you name it
it is simply flour wrapped with filling
coated with sesame seed
deep fried

Filling can be either 
red bean paste or
lotus seed paste or
peanut sugar

If you like to try making some, just follow this recipe below:

Sesame Seed Ball

20g tang mien flour
40g boiling water
50g sweet potato, cooked & mashed
100g glutinous rice flour
28g shortening
60g water

1) pour boiling water over tang mien & stir to combine
2) mix all ingredients together and knead until smooth
3) divide into 10 portions, form into balls
4) roll flat & wrap filling according to your liking
5) dip in water & coat with sesame seed
6) deep fry until golden, remove

95g peanuts, toasted
40g sugar

1) blend or pulse together & leave aside

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