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Thursday, 21 July 2016


Ever wonder why some can fry so crispy ikan bilis?

The answer is:

1) type of ikan bilis used 
2) the method  of   frying

I bought the right type of ikan bilis, 
one that is meant for frying snacks

then I

1) rinse the ikan bilis under running water and 
2) fry in heated oil until quite dry
3) remove & heat up the oil again
4) one more time, pour the ikan bilis back to the hot oil
5) remove when the ikan bilis is dry 
6) leave the ikan bilis in kitchen towel to remove excess oil
7) and there you go, Crispy Ikan Bilis

1) Some like it fried with some groundnuts
2) some like it with sugar & chilli added

Whatever way you like, just do it!

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