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Saturday 1 January 2022

When God Opens Doors

 When God Opens Doors

COVID has brought much fear and anxiety into our lives, especially when my husband and I were in Ipoh, Malaysia, while all our 4 daughters are here in Singapore. The Restrictions in movements; the fear of contacting COVID; the worry for our girls and their families; affected us so badly that our weight have gone down by the 10s of kilogram. With the number of COVID cases multiplying, the anxiety made us weak and soon affected our health. We were sickly and weak. The thought of coming to Singapore has been shattered with the close of the borders; restrictions in flights; and the tedious application and preparation to exit Malaysia and entry into Singapore.

Nothing could be done except to fall on our knees and seek God. During my quiet times, and in tears, I asked God why He has brought our 4 daughters to Singapore by providing for them; giving each of them an ASEAN scholarship to study here; and lovingly watching over them all these years from teenagers to adulthood; and having their own families? Why He has forgotten about us? Doesn’t He want to unite us with these 4 lovable girls? I kept asking God. Though there was no immediate reply from God, I could feel some peace within me after talking to Him.

Soon everything came as a surprise when God opens the door. Airline started selling tickets, flights resumed, borders opened with restrictions, and with COVID test requirements. Application to exit and entry procedure have been made possible online. So our daughters helped in the online applications and the bookings and payment of Arrival Covid tests. 

One marvellous thing that God did was to alert my brother in law Doa Ming. By His divine appointment, he dropped by to visit us. Realizing our urgent need he took us to KL to do the ART tests before sending us to take the flight to Singapore. 

Our God works in a miraculous way that we are not aware or comprehend. He knows our needs and works in ways to provide for us. In March last year, our youngest daughter was impressed by God to buy a 2 bedroom apartment. Both she and her husband, on seeing the convenience of the location, they bought it without hesitation. When we reached Singapore in January this year 2022,  the apartment was already  renovated, furnished and ready for occupation. Praise God for a his provision. 

This is our God. He knows our needs, trust Him and He will soon make all things beautiful in His Time, amen