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Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Friday 30 December 2011

A Short Holiday in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a familiar city to most of us, with lots of shopping & eating. Well, to our little 6 & 3 year old grandchildren, it means a city of excitement & fun.

The fun began at Changi Airport! The sleepy Ethan & the gentle Hayley, grabbing their bolsters (which they called bear-bear), told us that they were sleepy because mummy woke them up very early.  It was a chore to carry them, so we agreed to push them on the baggage trolley! It was fun to be pushed around in such a big open space! Soon their laughter filled the checkin counter.

The first ride at Ocean Park was that familiar Merry-go-round. It was fun to ride by themselves, with kung2 and mama riding next to them while daddy & mummy looking and cheering them. Thinking that the Frog Hopper was also like the Merry-go-round, moving up and down only, the excited Ethan and Hayley rushed to queue. As they were lifted up, with mummy holding their hands, we could see Ethan was shocked because of the height he is moving. As he joined in our deafening cheers and shouts, he was able to overcome the fear! He attempted many times, of course with an accompanying adult. The rest of the morning was spent at the Whiskers Harbour Playground, climbing and crawling in the hot sun. Once in awhile they would enter the Bouncer House, jumping up and down, purposely knocking at the cushioned walls!

Lunch was delicious - at the Grand Aquarium Restaurant! After a whole morning of exercise & also, looking forward to more fun, the children quickly finished their food! Though reluctant to go toilets most of the time, Hayley voluntarily took my hand and brought  me to the toilets in case I should get lost on the way??  Such loving gestures......Indeed, she held my hand a little while but she had held my heart a life time! Thank you Lord for your blessing of these 2 lovely grandchildren.

At the Disneyland, they enjoyed the rides like 'It's a small world", "Winnie the Pooh", "The Doggie ride". Looking at mom & kung2 riding down the water splash was fun. Ethan doesn't like the cartoon characters because "got people inside!" He took photo with the robot Buzz Lityear. He even worried "where can we eat? Got pluto inside the restaurant!" "No, don't want to go near Minnie!" On the last day in Disneyland, he managed to take a photo with Cinderella, who hugged both of them at the Children Activity Room in the Disneyland Hotel!