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Thursday 24 January 2013


Foochow Meat Yen
is also known as "Yen Nguong" in Fuzhou Dialect

This is a traditional delicacy from Fuzhou, China.

It is only eaten during festive seasons
on special occasions like birthday celebrations.

This is the wrapper YEN PEI

rectangular, use scissors to cut 1/2 to square

Can check the importer at the back of the box

It is made from pork!
The Fuzhou people make these by hammering
 a large piece of pork.
While hitting and flattening the pork 
they add some flour
 to prevent it from sticking.

1/2 box yen pei
1/2 kg minced pork
20g dried shrimp, minced
4-5 chest nuts, peeled & chopped
1/2 chicken cube (optional)
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
2 tsp fried shallots
1 tsp sesame seed oil
1 tsp cornflour (optional)

1) mix all the above ingredients
2) use hand to lift up the ball of meat & slap down on the side of the bowl
3) repeat a few times so that the meat can be stiff & binding
4) leave in fridge for 15min
5) cut the wrapper into squares
6) dip wrapper in a small bowl of water, wrap a heap teaspoon of the meat with it
7) arrange on an oiled tray
8) steam for 15min on high
9) let cool before removing from tray
10) cook a clear stock and add some of the nyen nguong
11) to serve, just add some spring onions on top.

1) I have tasted in Fuzhou "3 lane 7 alley", they cut some of the wrapper into strips to make noodles. So, in the bowl we have some meat balls and some noodles as well. How about trying that?
2) these meat balls keep well in the freezer

If you happen to be in Fuzhou - 3 lane 7 alley
can buy this: (the wrapper is very thin, so it is nicer)


Evelyn Meng Choo from Facebook said...

May i know where to buy this wrapper? Thanks

Katie Foong: I bought it from the importers/wholesaler of Chinese food items.

Siew Ing Chew: What fillings?

Katie Foong: Siew Ing Chew Have a look into the link...
minced pork & others

Siew Ing Chew: Ok

Evelyn MengChoo Did not see any selling at the sundry shops.

Katie Foong: Evelyn MengChoo not in sundry shops,
only importers or wholesalers.

Katie Foong: Can try old town, so called, "salted fish shops",
the one after Eu Yan San ! Cannot recall the name of the shop..

Diana Gale from Facebook said...

very interesting Katie Foong!!

Katie Foong: Ya, traditional Foochow dish. The wonderful thing is
that the wrapper is made from pork!

Diana Gale: yes that part is especially interesting!
can i find the wrapper in supermarkets or do I have to go
to the wet market?

Katie Foong: Supermarkets do sell at times, but not carrying much
stock as not many people know how to use it, only the Foochow clan
& some Hockkien do....

Sue Lim from Facebook said...

This wrapper skin n the dish has got me curious.
I m going to find out at the supermarket to see how the wrapper
looks like.
Looks like wantan & gyoza.
Katie may I know is the soup base from chicken stock?

Katie Foong: The wrapper is thicker than wanton skin but thinner
than gyoza. As for the colour, it is in darker shade,
towards grayish white. I am afraid you cannot see from the
outside of the package.

Katie Foong said...

Sue Lim, Soup base is up to individual, even ikan bilis soup
also nice with the meat yan . Some even add Foochow fishball
to complement the dish ! So, it is truly Foochow !

Ellie Sim from facebook said...

I can't pronounce it!! My Hokkien tongue cannot twist and curl to say it!

Katie Foong: Hokkien, no problem! Just one or 2 key lower
will sound like it, haha! Afterall, foochow is inside Hokkien
province in China.

Ellie Sim: It's the nguong that I can't get!
2 Kim, I would like to try this dish. Where do you think serves this?
Or do I really need to make it myself?? Lol

Katie Foong: Ellie Sim No idea in KL. If you come to Ipoh,
I can make some for you. See you soon.

Ellie Sim: Tq 2 kim!! Aiyo YO let's go!!

Katie Foong: Appointment please, if not you will end up eating
Loh Wong Ngah Choy Kai and Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah, Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi... so glad to find somewhere to buy yanpi. May I know how much you buy each for two kind different yanpi? Can we buy online?
the second in pic is what i really want to find... I am hokciu also but living in Medan city, Indonesia. Difficult to find it here...

Katie Foong said...

Nice knowing you, Zi yah noin. Do you come over to Singapore? If you do, you can get it here, few S$ only. Of course you can buy online from China.