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Sunday, 7 August 2016


Traditional Moobcake
usually stuffed with either

Lotus Seed Paste
Red Bean Paste

Salted egg inside the cake represents the moon
you can either have it plain
with salted egg yolk, 1, 2, 3, or even 4

It involves long hours of work
in order to get this paste ready
so many choose to buy from the baking store
you can choose sweet or less sweet

This is a recipe that I learnt long time ago
have not posted

Finally I have the time 
to practice
pen down to share with you if you are interested

Lotus Seed Paste
600g dried lotus seed, no skin type
400g corn oil
450g sugar

1) wash lotus seeds & pour boiling water to soak for 20min 
2) open the seeds & remove shoots
3) add enough water & boil in pressure cooker (bean function)
4) when cooled, blend or pulse until fine, add water if necessary
5) with medium heat, heat up 100g oil & 100g sugar in a kuali, until brown
6) add blended lotus seed & fry, make sure it does not stick to the bottom of the kuali
7) add oil & sugar alternately (about 100g each time) until all absorbed 
8) when paste leaves side of the kuali & form a lump, it is time to remove & let cool
9) the frying takes about an hour or more 

1) leave the filling to cool down for a day before using
2) do not put in the fridge if you want it to remain smooth for mooncake
3) can pour a layer of oil on top if you want to keep it longer up to 2 weeks

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