A Time To Share

Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Monday, 22 August 2016


Pastor Molly forwarded this message to me
I found it to be encouraging
So I am sharing with you
if you care to read on:

Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life
Never ask for a lighter rain
just pray to God 
for a better umbrella
Life is not about finding the right person
but creating the right relationship
It's not how we care in the beginning
but how much we care till the very end

Some people always throw stones in your path
It depends on what you make with them
A wall or a bridge?
Remember you are the architect of your life

Search for a good heart
but don't search for a beautiful face
coz beautiful things are not always good
but good things are always beautiful

It's not important to hold 
all the good cards in life
but it's important how well you play
with the cards you hold

Often when we lose all hope and 
think this is the end
remember God and pray
it's just a bend, not the end!

Have faith and have a successful life
One of the basic differences between God and human is
God gives, gives and forgives
But human gets, gets and forgets

If you think it is your alarm clock 
that woke you up this morning
try putting it beside a dead body and
you will realize that it is the Grace of God that woke you up 

It is the Grace of God that brought me this far
It is the Faith in God that guide me through life
Never give up as Grace of God is at your door steps
Trust and have Faith in God, He will take care of it all


Life inspired said...

God is good. He always do things in a way that we might not understand why (at that period of time), but It is for all our good.

May god bless you and your family.

Katie Foong said...

Praise Him. He is always with us, never once too far away from us. He is genuinely concern about our welfare.

Life inspired said...

Amen! And thank you for the generous sharing on the "secret recipe" in cooking. Can't wait to explore and pick up cooking! πŸ˜…Me don't know how to cook at all...but love eating hahah

Katie Foong said...

Thank you. Sharing is joy.