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Friday, 26 August 2016


This is a simple dessert
that I like very much
I usually cook it once in a week or two

This is different from the normal ones that I prepare
because I use 2 types of sweet potatoes
Japanese & local purple 

The Japanese potato
stands out in the deep purple soup
which gets its colour from the local variant

Sweet potato is said to attract 'wind'
a large piece of ginger need to be 'banged' and added
to ward off the 'wind'

besides its special function 
also gives its distinct taste to this dessert
the fragrant of pandan leaves should not be ignored

2 Japanese sweet potato
1 local purple (medium size)
1" ginger, smashed
2 pandan leaves
rock sugar to taste

1) peel sweet potatoes & cut in wedges
2) put into a pot, add enough water & ginger, bring it to a boil
3) add knotted pandan leaves & let it simmer until cooked
4) remove pandan leaves & add sugar to taste

Sago pearls may be added during the last 10-15min of cooking
if you like your dessert to be a bit thick

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