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Sunday, 28 August 2016


No one knows the name of this dish
many people cook it
all agree it is yummy

The first time I tasted it
was at my sister-in-law Yvonne's place

She is a good cook

I found it to be really yummy
so I asked for her recipe
here I am
presenting my first attempt 
 I name it
'Preserved Bean Crunch'

The ingredients are simple
the combination of them 
make it extremely yummy
served with steamed rice

1/2 cup ikan bilis, fried until crispy
1/2 cup minced pork
3 green chilli, cut into chunks
2 red chilli, cut into chunks
1 medium size onion, sliced
1/2 Tbsp preserve bean (tau Cheong)
1/4 tsp dark soya sauce
1/3 cup water (adjust)
1 Tbsp oil
pepper & sugar to taste
thickener: 1/2 Tbsp corn starch +1 Tbsp water

measure of ingredients is not fixed 
as it depends on the amount available 
and own preference

1) heat up oil in a wok
2) fry onions until fragrant, add minced pork & continue frying
3) add dark soya sauce, preserved beans & water
4) when cooked through, stir in ikan nilis & cut chilli
5) add seasoning to taste, stir in thickener to adjust consistency
6) dish up & serve

1) Amount of water to add depends on how much sauce you like.
2) if you keep the sauce thick, the ikan bilis will remain crunch longer
3) salt is not added because tau cheong is salty, may adjust accordingly


Yvonne Chong Soo Yee from Facebook said...

i don't know the name of this dish,
but my mum always cook for us.... is yummy
August 29 at 9:18am

Lisa Brown from Facebook said...

Looks yummy...ikan bilis rice kah...
August 29 at 9:16am

Katie Foong said...

Yes, it is really yummy!
I took it for the first time, my sister in law cooked.
She does not know the name too.
August 29 at 9:24am

Rowena Sy: Hi Katie, I tried out this dish . Yummy
September 6 at 8:30pm

Katie Foong: Rowena Sy so happy you like it.��
September 6 at 8:32pm

Rowena Sy: Katie Foong , we ate this growing up.
Your sharing brought back memories. ��
September 6 at 8:35pm

Katie Foong: Thank you
September 6 at 8:36pm

Rowena Sy: Tq to you ��. I tried to tag you on my post but failed.
September 6 at 9:04pm

Melinda Ooi from Facebook said...

Looks really yummy. Recipe pls. Tq
August 29 at 9:40am

Katie Foong: Found the recipe?
August 29 at 2:23pm

Melinda Ooi: Yup. Tks for sharing.
Will cook it soon
August 29 at 2:28pm

Karen Kon from Facebook said...

Is that fried rice with crispy ikan bilis ( anchovies)?
If so it's called Kampung fried rice. ������������
August 29 at 9:42am

Karen Ko: Oops wrong information.. ������
August 29 at 10:46am

Katie Foong: No worry.
The minced pork looks like fried rice alright.
August 29 at 11:35am

Karen Kon: Haha... Good day to you Katie Foong.
August 29 at 11:42am

Yeong Chew Woh from Facebook said...

Looks like anchovies with minced pork.
August 29 at 9:46am

Ivy Teh: Yes, is anchovies wth minced pork,
i use to eat when I was little girl
my grand mother used to cooked and very tasty n yummy too!������
August 29 at 10:04am

Katie Foong: Yes
August 29 at 10:32am

Ai Ling Tan from Facebook said...

thanks for the recipe. i will definitely try it.
August 29 at 10:36am

Katie Foong: Hope you like it
August 29 at 11:35am

Jessie Tee: TQ for sharing.
August 29 at 10:07pm

Ivy Khoo from Facebook said...

Love Tis esp hot n spicy.
August 29 at 1:09pm

Katie Foong: I like it moderate
August 29 at 1:51pm

Teh Yim Kin from Facebook said...

August 29 at 3:14pm

Katie Foong: 我下攪肉,下次下油榨了。謝謝
August 29 at 3:37pm

Stephanie Leong from Facebook said...

I also dunno the name but I love it esp with crunchy pork lard
August 29 at 4:09pm

Katie Foong: I will try adding crunchy pork lard next time, thanks
August 30 at 9:02am

Chris Lim Leong Fah from Facebook said...

Nvr eaten b4 but it looks very appetising.
Thanks for sharing, Katie :)
August 29 at 8:43pm

Katie Foong: You are welcomed

Jessie Tee from Facebook said...

Yes, this is definitely a good dish.
Ahh...reminds me of being young little girl,
my belated popo always cook this too.
Its tasty with rice or porridge.
But then my mom never learn to cook this.
August 29 at 10:06pm · Edited

Katie Foong: So, it is your time to cook
to bring back the sweet memories!
August 30 at 9:08am

Jessie Tee: Yes, definitely wanna learn to cook this.
August 30 at 11:04am

Tan Sim from Facebook said...

I was thinking of this dish during the weekend.......
it sure is yum yummy
August 29 at 11:17pm

Katie Foong ��
August 30 at 9:08am

Mooy Lee from Facebook said...

My late mum used to cook this dish .
It goes well with porridge
September 7 at 5:15pm

Katie Foong: That's what many people say,
can finish the whole big bowl of plain porridge
with only this dish, haha!
September 8 at 8:47am

Linda Chiam from Facebook said...

Cooked this today. Thanks Katie for Sharing this recipe.
Linda Chiam's photo.
September 8 at 6:06pm

Katie Foong: Wah, mouth watering !