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Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Cordyceps militaris
Chong Cao Hua
has become increasingly popular 
in preparing herbal soups

From its name
many thought that it is the flower from Cordyceps Sinensis

Chong Cao Hua
is  actually cultured fungus 

that has similar medicinal value &
chemical composition as
the expensive Cordyceps Sinensis

but its strength is far from it

Cordyceps militaris
is suitable for everybody

Besides its anti-inflammation 
and anti-aging properties
it can also 
help relieve insomnia
strengthen one's lungs

1/2 chicken, chopped into chunks

12g cordyceps militaris/chong cao hua
10g  dangshen
15g wolfberries
6 longan
6 red dates, optional
salt to taste

1) blanch chicken in boiling water, drained
2) bring water to a boil, add rinsed herbs (except wolfberries)
3) bring to a boil again, add chicken & allow to simmer for 2 hours
4) add wolfberries 5min just before soup is ready
5) add salt if necessary, serve hot

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