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Wednesday, 2 May 2018


any way you cook it,
be it raw, stir fried or steamed,
is just as tasty and nice. 

I remember this Steamed Soft Soft Cabbage
was once a popular dish 
in a celebration feast or dinner.

This is flavourful
with the aroma of dried scallop and dried oyster
and the sweetness of cabbage.

It is served in a thick gravy.

It is not difficult to cook this dish
provided you have sufficient time allotted for steaming.

Steamed Soft Soft Cabbage
1 small cabbage (buy one with the leaves tightly cling together) 
few dried scallop
few dried oyster
1-2 dried mushroom, optional
few garlic, roughly smashed
few pieces of roast pork
chicken stock
thickener, corn flour mix with some water

1. remove the centre core of the cabbage, as shown in the photo below

2. put all ingredients into a steaming bowl as shown,
    steam until the cabbage is soft, about 1.5-2 hours.

3. when ready to serve, remove & cut the cabbage into wedges
4. thicken the gravy and pour onto the cabbage to serve.

1. Napa or long cabbage can be used instead of this round type
2. This dish can be prepared days ahead & chilled, must steam to serve

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