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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


famous Salted Chicken
usually comes in one whole chicken,
wrapped in paper.

These are either
sold freshly baked or vacuum packed.

It has become so popular that
many people order as gift packs for Baby's Fullmoon Celebrations.

It comes in a complete package,
with one salted chicken,
2 red eggs with pickled ginger
and 2 angku kuih.

Last time, Salted Chicken is cooked for the new mothers,
during the confinement month.
As such, Dang Qui is added to enhance its benefits.

The traditional method
of preparing this salted chicken is tedious.

Raw salt or unrefined sea salt
is fried over the charcoal stove until very very hot.
Whole chicken,
is seasoned with salt and Dang Gui and wrapped in layers of paper.
Then, make a well in the pot of hot salt,
put the chicken into the hole and cover with salt from the sides of the pan.
Cover the pot with its lid,
turn the heat lower and let it cook for an hour.

I have simplified the method as follows:

Copycat Ipoh Salted Chicken
1 chicken thigh
Salt to taste
Few slices of Dang Qui

1) clean the chicken thigh and pat dry 
2) marinate with salt and dang qui, leave aside for few hours
3) when ready to bake, tuck dang gui pieces between the skin & meat
4) wrap chicken with parchment paper (2 layers)
4) wrap again with aluminium foil 
5) bake in preheated oven 200'C for 50min
6) serve hot

1. If cooking a whole chicken
    a) put dang gui pieces into the cavity or stomach of the chicken
    b) lengthen the cooking time to 60-90 min depending on the size of chicken

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