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Sunday, 13 May 2018


Sweet Pumpkin Dessert
is creamy and with some crunch from the white fungus (cloud ear),
is simply delicious.

300g pumpkin, peeled & cut into chunks
2-3 cups water
2 pandan leaves, knotted
1 Tbsp sago pearls
1/2 Tbsp cloud ear, soaked & cleaned
1 Tbsp thick coconut milk, optional
1-2 Tbsp sugar, to taste

1. bring to boil pumpkin & water
2. add pandan leaves & boil for 10min, let cool
3. blend pumpkin until fine, pour back into the pot & bring to a boil
4. add sago pearls & cloud ear pieces, stir well
5. allow to simmer for 10min, off heat & let sit until sago becomes translucent
6. return to heat & add coconut milk & sugar to taste
7. serve warm

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