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Thursday, 10 May 2018


Crispy Fried Shallots
makes a good topping for many steamed dishes.

A bowl of soup noodle 
will have added flavour with this simple crispy fried shallots.

As such, I normally have some in hand.
It can last for quite awhile when stored in the fridge.

When buying the shallots,
make sure you get the orange colour ones
instead of the Indian Red Shallots.

There is a lot of difference in fragrance & taste!

First, the shallots need to be peeled, cleaned & sliced thinly.
Slicing can be done with a food processor.

Heat up the oil for frying in a wok.

Drop just enough sliced shallots into the hot oil,
not too much,
to have rooms for the shallots to move freely when frying.

Turn the shallots a few times so that the heat is well distributed.
Be watchful once the shallots starts to brown.
Remove immediately as it browns.

Be careful not to burn (colour getting too dark)
it will taste bitter!

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