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Friday, 28 July 2017


In my eagerness to look up for a healthy natural leavening
for gluten free bakes
I come across bakingmagique.com

Gluten Free Sourdough Starter
shared by Laurie Smith

After 1 week!

Both pictures do not show much activities -
some big bubbles that easily burst when bottle is moved
a reasonable amount of bubbles seen at the side of the bottle.

I kept it in the fridge until my next baking day
then only I will remove it from fridge
and leave on counter for 12 hours before use

Gluten Free Sourdough Starter 

I cut down the volume in her recipe

20g buckwheat flour
20g brown rice flour
40g apple yeast water
2 Tbsp Kefir water 

1) mix all ingredients in a glass jar, cover with muslin cloth & secure with a rubber band
2) let sit on counter top
3) feed everyday with 10g buckwheat flour
                                    10g brown rice flour
                                    20g water 
4) transfer to a bigger jar if necessary, feed for 7 days
5) after 1 week store sourdough in fridge with lid on. 

Feeding a matured Gluten Free Sourdough
a) feed once a week
b) if liquid starts to form at the top of the starter, pour away the liquid & some starter
    continue feeding
c) feed whenever you have used for baking

To Use for baking
a) take out starter from fridge & leave at room temperature for 12 hours 

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