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Monday, 22 May 2017


Sourdough Soft White Bread

Sourdough Soft White Bread
75g sourdough
220g bread flour (can replace 1/2 with plain flour)
25g sugar
25g butter
1 egg (45g)
3g salt
15g milk powder
90g milk

Day 1
1. mix in bread machine for 10min, let rise 2 hours
2. put in fridge overnight
Day 2
3. take out from fridge, divide & rest 15min, 
4. shape & let rise at room temperature until double
5. bake in preheated oven 180'C for 40-45min
6. brush top with butter when warm


Recipe adapted from http://mymindpatch.blogspot.my

Sourdough Raisin Bread
309g bread flout
24g milk powder
28g raw sugar
1 tsp salt
30g butter
28g egg
110g sourdough
180g water

a handful of raisins

1. all ingredients into bread machine, knead for 10min.
    1/2 way, add raisins. Leave to rise until double.
2. divide dough into 3 portions, preshape & let rise 10min
3. shape each ball as a Swiss roll. put into a bread pan.
4. allow to proof until double, do a poke test to confirm if ready
5. mist bread & bake in preheated oven @ 200'C for 40min


are chewy buns with toppings
of seeds, nuts or plain
can be served with cheese spread, butter or peanut butter

Sourdough Bagels
(makes 6)
200g sourdough starter
75g water
275g bread flour
19g oil
13g brown sugar
7.5g salt

Day 1
1. put all ingredients into Bread machine, knead for 8-10 minutes.
    leave to rise for 3-4 hours
2. divide into 100g portions, preshape into balls, leave for 15min
3. shape into bagels, retard in fridge overnight
Day 2
4. take out bagels from the fridge
5. boil water in a shallow pan, add a handful of brown sugar
6. put 3 bagels into the boiling water, let boil 3 sec, turn & cook total time 1 min
7. remove bagels, put on a lined tray. add topping
8. bake in preheated oven 200'C for 20min until brown

Friday, 19 May 2017


Lizhi Rou
a traditional dish in Fujian province
 loved by the Fuzhou people

In Fuzhou, Lizhi Rou is presented in various forms,
basically these are pork meat balls
 in Sweet and sour sauce.

To make the meat balls look like Lychee
the pork is not minced
 cut into small pieces
 create the uneven sides when fried,
 in appearance to lychee skin

This dish is bright red in colour.
It gets its colour from their signature, traditional rice wine lees or residue.

To let people know that it is Lizhi Rou
Some lychees are used to decorate the sides of the dish
stir in canned lychee before dishing up
(make sure not all the lychee get the red colour)

Until now
I am sure you know how to prepare this dish

Marinate pork pieces with fish sauce, sugar, pepper & salt
not forgetting the most important ingredient,
Wine Lees

Tapioca flour or corn flour
together with beaten egg is used to bind the small pieces of pork
to make into balls

These meat balls are then deep fried
then cooked in Sweet & sour sauce



I am having so much fun exploring with Sourdough.

Using Sourdough in Chinese steamed bun 
needs longer time to proof

I have adapted this recipe from
Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover

Steamed Sourdough Pumpkin Pau
300g plain flour
180g sourdough starter
180g mashed pumpkin
50g sugar
30g water, adjust according to wetness of pumpkin
15g corn oil
1/4 tsp salt

1. In a bread machine, mix & knead together all ingredients to a smooth dough
2. leave to rise until double
3. divide and shape into paus, allow to proof until double
4. steam pau at low heat for 15min
5. do not open cover immediately, but let pau rest in steam for 10-15min

Monday, 15 May 2017


A mixture of sweet, sour & slightly spicy 
fish slices
whole fish 

simple and nice

Caramelized Onion Fish
fish slices 
1 large onion, shredded
2 slice ginger
1 chili, cut
spring onions

seasoning: vinegar, salt, sugar & pepper to taste
colour: dark soya sauce
thickener: 1/2 Tbsp corn flour+1/2 Tbsp water

1. marinate fish with some salt
2. pan sear the fish slices until brown, push to the side of pan
    If use whole fish, fry the fish in more oil until dry
3. add onions, ginger and fry until soft & fragrant 
4. add some water, seasoning & dark soya sauce
5. add spring onions & thickener 
6. dish up, enjoy


I was skeptical about adding Raw Oats
to these little rolls
worry that it may affect the texture.

I want it to be soft and spongy
little sweet rolls

To my surprise they came out just the way I want it.

Recipe adapted from Adelinealy's sourdough baguettes

Sourdough Raw Oat Rolls
A) 470g Bread flour
     50g raw oats
     230g milk
     90g water
     40g sugar
     100g sourdough starter

B) 1 tsp salt
     40g butter

1. mix A and knead in bread machine for 15min
2. add salt & oil, continue kneading for another 15min
3. cold retard 24-48 hours
4. thaw at RT for 30min, preshape & rest 15min
5. shape & cover loosely to proof until double
6. preheat oven 200'C for 15min
7. score, mist bread & bake on middle rack (total baking time 30min)
Bake at 200'C 10min, mist bread
             200'C 5 min, mist bread again
             continue baking another 15min  


Orange Chocolate Sponge Cake 
is adapted from
Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover's Basic Chocolate Sponge Cake
which makes a 7" round cake

Orange Chocolate Sponge Cake
A) 2 egg yolks (large)
     10g sugar
     25g corn oil
     30g orange juice
     orange zest from 1 orange   
     45g cake flour, sifted

B) 2 egg yolks (large)
     10g sugar
     25g corn oil
     30g milk
     8g cocoa powder sifted with
     37g cake flour

C) 4 egg white (large)
     1/4 tsp lemon juice or cream of tartar
     60g sugar

Mix (A) & (B) separately as follows:
1. lightly whisk egg yolk with sugar
2. add corn oil & liquid, stir to combine
3. add in sifted flours, mix well & set aside

1. add lemon juice to egg white, beat until foamy
2. gradually add sugar in 2 additions, beat until stiff peaks
3. divide meringue in 2 portions, 1/2 mix into (A) & the other 1/2 to (B)
4. pour batter (A) to a 7" pan (do not line)
5. pour (B) on top of (A),  (can mix as marble cake if prefer)
6. bang lightly on counter to remove trapped air bubbles
7. bake in preheated oven at 150'C for 45-50 min at lower rack
8. remove cake from oven & invert cake onto wire rack to cool.
    Once cooled down (10-15min), remove cake from cake pan 
    using a flat spatula to run around the cake, and leave to cool completely. 


This dish can either be cooked over stove 
oven baked in a casserole

Recipe adapted from Delishar

Chicken Stew
1 chicken leg or 1/4 chicken cut into pieces
few cloves of garlic, peeled
1 potato, cut into wedges
1/2 cup water or stock
salt & black pepper to taste

1. heat oil in a pan
2. pan sear chicken, leave it on the pan without turning
3. add potato wedges & garlic to the sides, sear together
4. turn chicken over after 5-10min when the skin has turned golden
5. when both sides are done, transfer to a stewing pot or casserole 
6. add stock. thyme, salt & pepper to taste
7. cook in preheated oven 180'C for 20-25min 
8. or simmer over fire until cooked

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Calamansi is
from the Citrus family
it is rich in Vitamin C

It is good for throat & respiratory illness.

As such, these fresh calamansi are then preserved
made available at any time
either hot or cold drink

One can also order a glass from the coffee shop
and they call it Kumquat,
which is another yellowish species

Instead of the usual preservation in salt water,
these drinks are preserved in sugar solution 
 they call it
Honey Kat Drink!

The above is another way of preserving-
salted sour plum
is put inside the calamansi
then soaked in sugar solution for a month or so before using


This 328 Wild Yeast Bread
has a different taste

Recipe is from Cheryl Banaena

328 Wild Yeast Bread
300g bread flour
200g sourdough
200g water
2g wheat germ/wheat bran (optional)
8g salt (dissolved in 1 Tbsp water from above)

1. pour water into a mixing bowl, add starter
2. blend in flour & wheat germ with a plastic scraper
3. rest dough for 45min to 1 hour
4. now the dough should look smoother, gently rub in salt solution
5. transfer dough to a rectangle container to rest 45min
6. do 1st stretch & fold from 4 sides to tug in to the centre, rest 45min RT
7. repeat & let rest 45min @RT or fridge
8. remove from fridge & thaw for 30min
9. shape & leave to proof until 2.5X in size
10. heat up metal pot @250'C for at least 20min
11. put dough into pot, bake covered, for 25min
12. open cover, remove parchment & bake for another 20min @ 220'C
13. when done, bread should be brown & sound hollow when knocked



This recipe is adapted from
Natural Starter Milk Loaf

Natural Starter Milk Loaf
120g starter
165g fresh milk
240g flour
1 Tbsp milk powder
2 Tbsp raw sugar
1/4 tsp sea salt
20g cold butter, cubed

1. into a mixer, mix together starter & milk
2. add flour, milk powder & sugar, 
3. mix until all ingredients come to a ball, leave aside for 15min
4. add salt & knead for another 1 min
5. add cold butter & knead until window pane stage, Bulk rise 3 hrs
6. shape dough into 3 rolls to fit into a bread pan, proof 90min
7. bake in preheated oven 200'C for 20min


Croissants is one bread 
that I can never get tired eating

I only like those
made with a good butter
so that I can get its fragrance that comes with the taste of butter

I came across this recipe
from Shipton-mill.com

To make the perfect tasting croissant takes 3 days:
Day 1 - make the initial dough
Day 2 - roll, laminate, cut and shape the dough
Day 3 - bake

Cold butter is the key to successful lamination,
keeping the butter cold stops it from being incorporated into the dough

Sourdough Croissants 
for 15 croissants
(A) 437g untreated strong bread flour
       77g cold water
       140g scalded milk (cooled)
       125g active starter
       55g castor sugar
       10g salt

(B) 55g unsalted butter, cubed & at room temperature

(C) 220g COLD unsalted butter for laminating

To make very strong starter 
by discarding most 
and then feeding a couple of times over 24 hours

Day 1
1. in the morning feed your starter
2. at the same time, heat milk gently until it starts to simmer.
    remove from heat & allow to cool
3. in the evening around 6pm mix the flour, salt & sugar together.
    then add milk, water, starter & form into a dough
4. knead dough for 1min & then add 1/2 of the 55g butter
5. knead until butter has been incorporated & then add the rest of the butter & knead again
6. cover dough & leave to proof at room temp for 2-2.5 hours
7. put dough in fridge overnight

Day 2
sometime during the morning/early afternoon..
1. take your cold butter out from the fridge & pound it lightly to form into a 20cmx20cm square. 
    Put your butter in some cling film & put back into the fridge to keep it COLD.
    Do not put it in the freezer! too cold

2. take the dough out of the fridge & roll it into 30cmx30cm sqaure..
    Dust dough with flour if necessary. 
    Rotate dough so that you have a point towards you.
3. take the cold butter out from the fridge & place with long edge facing you, onto the dough.
4. take one corner of the dough, stretch & fold it over the butter. 
    repeat for all 4 corners until the butter has been totally encased in the dough
5. roll dough from centre outwards, to approx. 20cmx60cm, keeping the sides straight.
    Now fold the dough, letter style in 3.
    Wrap the dough in clingfilm & out in fridge for 30-60min to cool down
6. take dough out from fridge & roll out to 20cmx60cm.
    Fold in 3 again, wrap & put back into the fridge for 30-60min
7. repeat (6) one more time so that you have 27 layers in all
8. to cut & shape your croissants
    Take dough out from fridge & roll out to 100cmx20cm. 
    Make marks 13cm apart along the top and bottom of dough, 
    Using a pizza cutter to 'join the marks', actually cutting through it
9. make a slit 1-2cm at the end of the triangle, 
    stretch it as you roll the dough up to the tip, nice and tight!
10. put croissant onto a lined baking tray, & repeat for the rest of the dough
11. allow the dough to proof in room temp for 4-5 hours until double or 75%
12. put the shaped dough into the fridge overnight

Day 3
1. take croissants out of the fridge & preheat oven to 220'C for 20min
2. egg wash croissants with beaten egg
3. bake @200'C fan mode for 30min. Turn tray round 1/2 way
4. cool for 15min before eating


This recipe is taken from
Adelinealy's Sourdough Baguettes

Sourdough Buns
A) 400g AP flour
     120g HP flour
     230g cold milk
     90g water
     40g sugar
     100g starter (100% hydration)

B) 1 tsp salt
     40g oil

1. mix A and knead for 15min
2. add salt & oil, continue for 30min until window pane texture
3. cold retard for 24 - 48 hours
4. thaw at RT for 30min, preshape & rest 15min
5. shape & cover loosely to proof until double
6. preheat oven 200'C for 15min
7. score bread, spray water & bake on middle rack
8. bake at:
    180'C for 10min, spray bun with water
    180'C for 5min, spray water again
     lower to 150'C 15min, done


With thanks to Yossi Hazan
for this recipe

Quinoa Sourdough Bread
(A) 80g active sourdough
      365g water
      375g bread flour
      125g whole wheat flour

(B) 11g salt
      40g red quinoa

1. mix (A) well & left to autolyse for 1.5 hours
2. add 11g salt, mix well & leave for 30min
3. pour boiling water over quinoa and leave to soak for 30min, drained
4. do 4 sets of stretch & fold @30min interval, add quinoa during the 1st snf
5. after 4 sets snf, leave on counter for 2-3 hours until it grows about 75% & you see bubbles
6. put dough in fridge for 24 hours
7. next day, pre shape straight from the fridge, rest for 20min 
8. do final shaping & final proof 1-1.25 hours at room temp.
9. score & bake with steam 20min @250'C
10. continue baking without steam 20-25min on 225'C
11. enjoy


It is the time of the year again

5th Day of the 5th month of the Lunar calendar
Duan Wu Zei
Zhongzi Zei as many prefer to call it

There is a story behind it, as Ellie Lee puts it:

make their savoury rice dumpling 
with 2 simple ingredients,
glutinous rice & peanuts.

Today in Sitiawan
you can find Foochow dumplings with red bean paste filling
sold throughout the year

My late mother in law 
usually bought one big bundle of 30 dumplings 
to celebrate the occasion

Whereas, my mom used to make her own
because it was not available in Ipoh where we resided.
This was the time when all of us girls in the family learn to wrap these dumplings.

If  you are interested 
I would like to share you the following recipe

Foochow Peanut Dumpling
1 kg glutinous rice, soaked overnight or at least 4 hours
200g peanuts, with skin on (boiled until slightly soften)
2 tsp salt
2-3 tsp alkali water
400g red bean paste, divide into 20 balls of 20g each (optional)*

Bamboo leaves & hempstring
soaked in boiling water overnight to soften, cleaned

1. drain rice, add salt & alkali water, mix well
2. mix in 1/2 soften peanuts
3. fold bamboo leaf into a cone, add 1 Tbsp rice
4. put 1 ball of red bean paste in, & cover with more rice
5. fold the leaf to cover the cone & fold in the sides
6. use a hempstring to secure the sides. 
7. cook in a pressure cooker (beans function)
8. when cooked, remember to hang the dumplings up so that it will not be soggy

Homemade red bean paste filling
250g red bean
165g sugar
50g oil

Day 1
1. boil red bean until soft, use pressure cooker
    let cool overnight
Day 2
1. blend the beans until fine
2. fry blended beans with sugar & oil until mixture leaves the side of pan
3. let cool overnight

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


2 Ways of cooking Aloe Vera Refreshing Drink
1) Honey Lemon or Lime 
2) Longan Honey Dates

Honey Lime Aloe Vera 

Longan Honey Dates Aloe Vera

Matured Aloe Vera Plant, watch out the torns!

Aloe Vera cut into 2" chunks and peel off skin

Aloe Vera pieces are brought to a boil twice:

1st time to remove stickiness, drained
2nd time to remove the smell if there is any

When you are ready to cook,
add drained aloe vera pieces & knotted pandan leaves to cold water,
bring to a boil.

For honey lime
once boiled, remove from heat, add sugar/honey & squeeze in the lime juice

add dried longan, honey dates or red dates & boil together.
Finally, add sugar to taste


Huchiew Bek Nuk Pui Toong
a soup cooked with dried wanton skin.

Alkali water is used in making the wanton skin.
So, the vegetables becomes soft & tender
when added to this soup

These are large pieces of wanton skin,
purposely cut and dried for cooking this dish.

You can get it from most Sundry shops in Sitiawan
even in some of the shops selling grains & rice in Ipoh

When more wanton skin is added to the soup
it becomes a meal

This is my mom's favourite

Nothing fancy about this dish.
Just a simple soup base 
with pork slices, shrimps and vegetables


Dea Lonn
is a popular Foochow dish in Sitiawan.

You can only find this in a few restaurants that serve traditional dishes.

Many modern restaurants in Sitiawan
have adapted this dish 
to suit the taste buds of the majority 'foreigners' 
who came hunting for authentic Foochow dishes.

By this I mean,
 they add shredded onions, parley, chili & spring onions.
Some even added shrimps!

Originally it was just egg and oyster
fried in a pool of  fuming hot oil!

The fragrance of the crispy omelette
the taste of juicy interior was simply irresistible.

It is served hot
straight from the frying pan!

I used this frozen oyster
because I could not get fresh ones.

If you are interested in the recipe:

Dea Lonn
a handful of oyster, cleaned & drained
1 egg beaten
1 Tbsp corn flour
1/2 tsp fish sauce
salt & pepper to taste
4-5 Tbsp oil for frying (the omelette will not absorb all the oil)

1. add seasoning to beaten egg, then beat in corn flour (ok to have lumps)
2. add oyster & mix well, set aside
3. heat oil in a wok to very hot
4. to test oil, drop a little egg into it. If it floats immediately, it is ready
5. pour egg into the hot oil, swirl the pan to allow oil to crisp up the sides
6. when the bottom is golden brown, turn over to cook the other side
7. dish up with a slotted ladle to allow excess oil to drip through.
8. serve hot with chili sauce

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Chiffon Cakes are known for being light & fluffy

Using Rice Flour to make Chiffon Cakes,
Washoku.guide has this to say:
1) It is foolproof, 
hence the name Foolproof Rice Flour & Soy Milk Chiffon Cake
2) It is healthier,
because Rice flour requires less oil & sugar.

Gluten Free Chiffon
130g rice flour
5 egg yolks
6 egg white
80g sugar
50ml canola oil
120ml Soy milk (or milk)

1. use well chilled eggs, separated yolks & whites
2. add 1/2 the sugar to egg yolks, mix well
3. add soy milk, then oil, then sifted rice flour
4. preheat oven 160'C
5. whisk egg white & add remaining sugar in 3 batches
6. Gently mix 1/3 egg white into the egg yolk mixture
7. fold in the rest of the egg white in 2 batches
8. pour batter into a 20cm chiffon cake mould, 
9. tap on counter to release trapped air bubbles & bake for 45-50min
10. Once done, test with skewer. Turn upside down to cool
11. Serve plain or with cream & fruits

If you like a variation: 
replace 10g rice flour with cocoa powder

Monday, 24 April 2017


Sourdough You Tiao
sounds healthy because no other additives,
only 4 basic ingredients!

The deep frying part....

I have adapted this recipe from 
Suzzaine Ewe's Sourdough Bread Sticks (Yau char kuay)

Sourdough You Tiao
187g plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
50g sourdough starter
112g water

1) combine all ingredients in a bread machine, dough cycle 10 min
2) leave to proof until double, about 2-3 hours
3) on a floured surface, gently stretch to form a long flat dough
4) cut into desired strips, use a wet skewer to make a mark lengthwise on the strip
5) stack another piece on top & do the same
6) lift up one set, pull slightly & place in hot oil to fry
7) turn to another side when the you tiao starts to brown
8) remove & pat dry the oil


I have never roasted a chicken before.

Recently, when I was glancing through rasamalaysia.com.,
I was attracted to the Chinese Roast Chicken.

I decided to try my hands on 1/2 a chicken 
instead of the whole bird!

The result?
Soft & juicy roast chicken!
I only had some breast meat left over for sandwiches the next day!

Roasting a chicken is not difficult after all.
To encourage you to try this recipe
I call it
Easy Roast Chicken

Easy Roast Chicken
1/2 chicken, free ranged

Marinate: mix together in a plastic bag:
2 slices ginger
2 garlic, lightly smashed
1.5 Tbsp light soya sauce
2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp 5 spice powder
1/4 tsp cooking wine
salt & pepper to taste

Skin Coating: mix together
1 tsp cooking oil
1 tsp honey

1. clean chicken & pat dry with paper towel
2. put the chicken into the plastic bag with marinate
3. shake to coat the chicken & leave in fridge overnight, turning once in awhile
4. when ready to roast, remove from fridge & rest chicken, skin side up, 
    to air dry for 30min or more
5. when skin is dry, roast in preheated oven 200'C for 30-35min
6. take out the chicken & apply skin coating on the skin
7. bake for another 10-15min until golden brown
8. leave to cool before chopping

If the wings get too dark, tent with aluminium foil

Friday, 21 April 2017


One special food
of the Foochows or Fuzhou dialects 
is the White Rice Cake,
commonly known as 'Ba Kui' in Foochow

It is only served during Chinese New Year.

This white rice cake is easy to make.

However, many prefer to buy the freshly made ones from the wet markets
vacuum packed ones from the supermarkets.

Yet, there are others who prefer to use the authentic dried ones
 imported from Fuzhou, China.

If you like to make from scratch:

White Rice Cake
220g rice flour
220g boiling water
pinch of salt

1. pour boiling water over the rice flour, mix well
2. knead to a smooth paste
3. press the dough into a small bread pan
4. steam for 1-1.5 hrs until cooked
5. let cool completely before slicing with an oiled knife

If using dried rice cake, pour boiling water over a handful of dried rice sticks, 
and leave to soak until soft.

To cook Ba Kui
a handful of rice cakes
4 pips garlic, chopped finely
sliced pork
some shelled prawns
Chinese sausage, sliced thinly 
2 leeks, sliced
vegetable of your choice
4 spring onions, cut
1 egg beaten

Seasoning: mix together
1/2 Tbsp thick soya sauce
1 Tbsp light soya sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp oyster sauce
salt & pepper to taste

Thickener:1 Tbsp corn flour+1 Tbsp water (if required)

1. just before your meal
    fry garlic in 1.5 Tbsp oil & 1 tsp sesame oil
2. add Chinese sausage, pork and prawns
3. next, throw in leeks and other vegetables, stir fry quickly
4. add steamed rice sticks, stir fry & add some water
5. add beaten eggs, cover the pan & cook for a few minutes
6. add seasoning & give it a quick stir
7. add spring onions & stir in thicker if necessary
8. serve immediately

The ingredients used for frying the rice cakes is not fixed
but up to individual tastes and fancy.


Nian Gao in Mandarin
is New Year Cake, by direct translation.

Nian Gao
is a delicacy only available during Chinese New Year.

Foochow (Fuzhou) community
make their Nian Gao
different from other dialects.

It has additional ingredients
like taro (yam), peanuts and red dates.

Unlike traditional Chinese Nian Gao,
these are made with tapioca flour instead of glutinous rice flour.

Foochow like to cook with tapioca flour.
Their noodles Lonn Yen are also made from tapioca flour.

If you like to taste this authentic
Fuzhou Nian Gao
here is the recipe:

Foochow (Fuzhou) Nian Gao
(A) 8 oz yam, shredded
      1.7 oz peanuts, pre-boiled to soften
      some red dates, slit & soak awhile to soften

(B) mix together: 3.5 oz tapioca flour
                             1 Tbsp glutinous rice flour
                             1/2 tsp 5-spice powder

(C) 2.5 oz brown sugar
      1.5 oz white sugar
      6.75 oz water
      0.6 oz oil
      pinch of salt

1. Bring (C) to a boil, add peanuts
2. add yam & bring to simmer until almost dry, do not stir
3. remove from heat, mix in dry ingredients (B)
4. pour into a parchment lined steaming pan
5. arrange some red dates on the top of the cake & steam for 1-1.5 hr
6. let cool completely and chill until required

 Sliced Nian Gao

Pan fried Nian Gao

To serve:
1. slice nian gao into 1/4" thick
2. dip in beaten egg
3. pan fried until soft, serve