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Friday, 18 March 2016


My Mom told me 
to keep her body warm throughout the confinement month
she only drank 
 Ginger Rice Tea

She said that my Tea has more ginger than hers
in fact, need a lot more rice !

TCM encourage all new mothers
to drink red dates drink 

I feel that this Ginger Rice Tea is good for a change
maybe once or twice in a week
to break the monotony

1 cup rice
1 cup old ginger, shredded with skin 

1) fry shredded ginger in a clean kuali until dry
2) briefly rinse rice under running water, drain & add to ginger
3) fry until the rice changes colour, slightly brownish, about 2 hours
4) let cool & store in a bottle

To serve
1) scoop 3 Tbsp of the rice & ginger into a flask
2) pour boiling water into the flask, cover & leave to steep
3) strain & serve after 1/2 hour 

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