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Friday, 18 March 2016


Dang Shen 
stimulates appetite
improves blood circulation
boost immunity by increasing white blood cells

It is 
also used to treat 
shortness of breath & cough

A note of caution:

Dang Shen 
should be avoided prior to surgery
as it may interfere with blood clotting

Knowing the benefits of Dang Shen
it is time to prepare 
Dang Shen Tea

Dang Shen Tea 
is a combination of Dang Shan, red dates, dried longan & wolfberries

This is particularly beneficial 
to new mothers 
it helps to replenish Qi, and promotes blood circulation

200g dang shen
some dried logan
some red dates
some wolfberries (optional)
1.5L water

1) rinse all ingredients & add water to boil for 15min
2) lower heat & simmer for 2 hours
3) strain & keep warm in the flask to drink the whole day

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