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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


complements Fried Chicken
or anything deep fried and dry for that matter. 

Never realize that this side dish can be so easily whipped up.

I tried to get the taste close to KFC preparation,
and here is my version
that I gladly call it 
Copycat KFC Coleslaw.

Copycat KFC Coleslaw
(A) 1 cup cabbage, diced or shredded 
      1 tsp carrots, shredded 
      1 Tbsp onions, shredded 

(B) 1 Tbsp milk
       2 Tbsp mayonnaise
       1/4 tsp sugar
       1/4 tsp salt  
       1/2 tsp vinegar
        shake of pepper

1. combine (A) in a bowl
2. combine (B) separately, mix well
3. bring (A) into (B) and mix well
4. leave in fridge to cool. Serve cold

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