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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


has been greatly sort after
with the recent research on its benefits.

Asparagus is expensive because it is considered one of the delicacies of vegetable.
Its price soars even higher
to RM 25 a kilo
with this recent findings.

Some of its recent research on health benefits include:
1) able to flush our body fluids, prevents urinary tract infections
2) has cancer-fighting potential
3) promotes digestive health, fights bloating
4) helps in preventing cataracts, rheumatoid arthritis & blood clotting

Asparagus are young shoots 
which can be easily cooked and prepared
simply by boiling, frying or baking.

The top of the shoots,
the tender part which can be snipped off easily,
 can be fried with prawns as below:

fried with carrots and yakon

As for the tougher ends,
can just smash up  and boil with water as a drink.
No wastage!


Ding Mee Ling from Facebook said...

Great idea Katie Foong. Boil and drink 😆

Katie Foong: No wastage...

Koay Ai Tih from Facebook said...

My favorite cai! 😘😘

Koay Ai Tih: I lazy a bit, old stem I cut boil water lim, young I stir fry, bake / blanch.

Goh Kai Eng from Facebook said...

WOW my favorites, I bought the Australian type, although expensive but very nice cos it's as big as a thumb, maybe bigger, thanks for sharing it Sifu Katie

Goh Kai Eng: Wow didn't know the old stem can boil water, aiya I throw away lor 🤔

Katie Foong: Wow! Australian ones as big as the thumb! Ours here about the size of the index fingers, some even smaller. I used to throw away the old stem too. Only recently I learn that I can boil water and drink it! Sharing is joy my dear....

Goh Kai Eng: the price is rm45 per kgs, indeed expensive but shiok, I fried with prawns

Goh Kai Eng: Yes sharing all healthy food so that we can live together longer 🤣🤣

Katie Foong: Yes

Lina Hung from Facebook said...

Hi sister I did plants some at my JB home seedlings from Bruas

Katie Foong: Wah! clever you. Next time must visit your farm.....

Lina Hung: You are welcome

Goh Kai Eng: Oh, it can be planted in JB too, I thought in Cameron highlands, I'm from JB too Lina Hung