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Wednesday 21 September 2016


Ma Lai Koh
is a common dish 
served in a Dim Sum restaurant

Many people like its spongy texture
Others like its unique colour and fragrant from Gula Melaka

It is the Gula Melaka 
that makes it different from the traditional steamed cakes

Special thanks 
to Miss Jess Ooi 
who gladly shared this recipe with us

so fluffy the texture inside


A. 150g Gula Melaka, chopped
     100g hot water
     3 eggs, whisk until light
     65g cooking oil

B. sifted together
     150g self raising flour
     1/2 tsp baking powder
     1/2 tsp baking soda

C.Topping: toasted kuaci

1) pour hot water over chopped Gula Melaka, stir until sugar is dissolved. 
    Sieve & leave aside to cool
2) when cooled, add whisked egg & oil, mix well
3) add flour & mix until combined
4) strain the batter, cover & leave aside for 30-40 min
5) line muffin cups with paper & pour in batter to 90% full
6) decorate top with some toasted kuaci
7) steam for 15min on high flame


Unknown said...

Tq Katie for the delicious recipe.

Katie Foong said...

you are welcomed

BiBi C.Bbc from Facebook said...

Good morning to you aunty Katie! It's pretty!
September 22 at 8:24am

Katie Foong: Good morning BiBi C. Bbc Thank you
September 22

Khaw Felicia from Facebook said...

Gd morning dear , love to have one for my brekkie too ��❤️
September 22 at 8:25am

Katie Foong: Good morning dear, love to share with you.
September 22 at 8:26am

Priscilla Tan from Facebook said...

Thank u jess ooi n katie for sharing. Beautiful ma lai koh
September 22 at 8:28am

Katie Foong: Honestly, must thank Jess Ooi,
she shared the recipe & I tried it. So she must get the credit . haha!
September 22 at 8:30am

Priscilla Tan: Yes i know u both are great sifus
September 22 at 8:33am

Gillian Lee from Facebook said...

September 22 at 8:28am

Katie Foong: Thank you for your encouragement
September 22 at 8:31am

Gillian Lee from Facebook said...

We r encouraging n motivating each other to learn to cook n bake cos home cooked food is still the best.
September 22 at 8:37am

Katie Foong: Thumbs up !
September 22 at 8:37am

Mey Ta from Facebook said...

TQ n well done, Katie Foong :)

Clap clap clap... yes, big thanks to esp Mandy and all the generous ladies n guys who genuinely share their recipes n wonderful displays - TQ :)
September 22 at 9:09am

Katie Foong: Yes dear, you are right.
September 22 at 11:51am

Cindy Yong from Facebook said...

hi Katie, wow....spongy ma lai koh will try to make this weekend.
September 22 at 9:28am

Katie Foong: You will like it more when you see it fresh from the steamer,!
September 22 at 11:53am

Cindy Yong I wuld think so
September 22 at 12:33pm

Karen Kon from Facebook said...

Katie any left for me..?I just need one to taste ..looks good..;)
September 22 at 9:32am

Angeline Tan: Beautiful
September 22 at 9:38am

Katie Foong: Thank you
September 22 at 11:53am

Jess Ooi from Facebook said...

September 22 at 9:57am

Katie Foong: Thank you again for the recipe.
September 22 at 11:53am

Jess Ooi: Katie Foong you are most welcome ! glad u like ;)
September 22 at 1:14pm

Noble Pll said...

Nice! I will be making another round today for my bff
September 22 at 10:07am

Katie Foong: Good
September 22 at 11:54am

Jackie Low from Facebook said...

So tempting....I'm gonna try my hands this weekend. Wish me luck!
September 22 at 10:11am

Katie Foong: You will like it
September 22 at 11:54am

Claris Lim from Facebook said...

Yummy yummy love this when having dim sum! Looks good��
September 22 at 10:11am

Katie Foong: It is good
September 22 at 11:55am

Grace Woon from Facebook said...

Looks so lovely!��
September 22 at 10:23am

Katie Foong: When you press it, you will love it more!
September 22 at 11:55am

Vanessa Lum from Facebook said...

I love ma lai kou. I'll start my engine now.... hee hee.
September 22 at 11:04am

Katie Foong: Good
September 22 at 11:56am

Vanessa Lum: Hi Katie Foong.
Do u mind to show me the inner part of the ma lai koh?
My ma lai koh not so fluffy like those i buy outside.
September 22 at 1:26pm

Katie Foong Here it is....
Katie Foong's photo (inserted in recipe blog)
September 22 at 2:35pm

Vanessa Lum Nice....
September 22 at

Mey Ta from Facebook said...

LOL Katie's Ma Lai Koh "open surgery" - luks great.
Ur so sweet and obliging, Katie Foong TQ sweetie :)
September 22 at 4:21pm

Katie Foong: Mey Ta no problem.

Cindy Yong from Facebook said...

hi Katie when d water is boiling then only we put in d Ma lai koh to steam for 15 mins n still on high ?
September 22 at 8:35pm

Katie Foong: Yes, if you are using single ring gas stove.
September 26 at 1:02pm

Wong Sau Fong from Facebook said...

Very nicely done indeed!
Great job..must try it out one day ��
September 22 at 11:07pm

Katie Foong ��
September 23 at 9:22am

Adeline Song Jun Ling from Facebook said...

So beautiful ma lai koh!!!!
September 23 at 7:22am

Katie Foong: Taste also good
September 23 at 9:23am

Jynna Ong from Facebook said...

Beautiful and yummy looking
September 24 at 3:51pm

Katie Foong: thank you
September 26 at 1:03pm