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Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Double Chocolate Butter Cake
Butter Cake 
Cocoa & Chocolate

This recipe is inspired by Jeannietay's 
Orange Butter Cake

It is spongy and moist
with the much desired butter aroma
 intense chocolate flavour

If you are a lover of butter & chocolate
this is a good recipe to try

Double Chocolate Butter Cake
A) 225g self-raising flour
      25g cocoa powder
      1/2 tsp double action baking powder

B) 4 large eggs
      100g castor sugar
C) 250g salted butter
      50g castor sugar
D) 20-50g  fresh milk, if necessary
       200g -250g chocolate chunks

1) Sift together dry ingredients in (A), leave aside
2) whisk eggs & sugar in (B) until ribbon stage, leave aside
3) cream butter & sugar in (C) until light & fluffy
4) add 1/3 egg mixture into butter cream, mix well
5) gently fold in 1/3 dry ingredients
6) repeat 1/3 additions until run out of egg mixture & flour
7) stir in fresh milk if batter is too thick. Mix batter until smooth
8) stir in chocolate chunks and pour batter into a lined 7" square pan
9) bake in preheated oven of 160'C for 60 min until cooked


CJ Chai from Facebook said...

tq Katie.
I love simple recipe with simple method required.
m not good in cooking .. ��
September 14 at 11:23am

Katie Foong: This is a simple one.
September 14 at 11:33am

Angie Yew from Facebook said...

Yummy :) Love simple cakes with butter. :)
September 14 at 11:47am

Katie Foong ��
September 14 at 4:30pm

Mey Ta from Facebook said...

Simple n perfectly done. TQ for sharing, Katie Foong :)
September 14 at 3:04pm

Katie Foong TQ
September 14 at 4:30p