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Sunday, 24 July 2016


Lu Mien
spoken in Foochow dialect 
yellow noodles
in thick dark soup

This dark soup is actually made from
the sauce derived from 
cooking the pork 

To start
we must cook the pork 
in dark soya sauce & some simple ingredients

Pork is then sliced & 
the sauce is used to cook soup by adding stock

pork belly 
1) marinated in black sauce, soya sauce, sugar, pepper, some
    5 spice powder & salt
2) pan seared the pork (optional)
3) add the marinate & some water to cook through 

stock, can be from ikan bilis or bones
garlic, minced
fish cake & cuttle fish, sliced
scallion, cut into 1" length
pork belly, sliced (I replaced some with char siew for colour)
1 egg, beaten
thickener, 2 Tbsp corn flour + water 

1) fry garlic in oil & add stock, stew sauce & bring to a boil
2) add shrimps, fish cake, cuttle fish & sliced stew pork
3) once boiled, add more black sauce to darken the colour
4) add salt, pepper & chicken powder to taste
5) thicken the soup with thickener & stir in beaten egg & scallion
6) cook noodles separately in plain water & put into a serving bowl
7) pour dark soup over & enjoy

Note: This is best eaten with 
           1) chopped garlic in vinegar &
           2) kampong koh chiili sauce

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