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"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Monday, 14 September 2015

Why does God allow Suffering

Did you say that your God is a good God?
And why does He allow people to suffer?
So many have to suffer pain, sickness and poverty.
You also said that your God is all powerful.
Why doesn't He have pity on these people
And take away their suffering?

Looks like you know our God quite well
Indeed He is a good and merciful God
He is the God of Love and He really cares
His heart aches when He sees His people suffer

We believe that our God is with us
He goes through with us the rejection and the pain
No choice, He has to let mankind experience it first han
In order that they may learn and grow as He planned

Before a young child could make his first step
The daddy has to reluctantly let go of his hands
He knows the child may fall but he needs to learn to stand up
He needs to be on his own one day

This is our Father in Heaven
We need to learn to grow in our ways
We may trip and fall, but
We are assured that God is always there for us

Telling somebody what to do is easy
But how many would listen and follow?
God gives us a Bible, teaching us the ways of God
But how many of us could follow closely?

The temptation of this world is too real
God has to let go His hands
A lesson learnt first hand could be painful
But God still allows it if we chose to

One thing for sure: God will never leave us
In times such as these
He knows our limit and
He will not allow it beyond what we can bear

What a good and caring God we have
We may choose to detour and be naughty at times
Do you know that He is still watching us closely
Giving us advice and sending us help when there is a need

Many of us are not aware of this during a flood (danger)
A boat could be waiting just outside our door
Many of us think that God will put us into the boat
But we need to make the first move of opening the door and jumping into the boat!

Do you want to belong to God's family?
You know that you will be protected and taken care of?
God will be on your side, watching over you
He will take you out from trouble when you trust and call on Him

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