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Friday, 4 September 2015


I like salted eggs
Be it hard boiled or cook in soups

I like those with red yolk
Once, I made a whole lot of red yolk salted egg
If I am not mistaken
I bought the duck eggs from Butterworth, Penang

some say, I need to add cooking wine to make the yolk red
others say, I have to buy eggs with green shell
I still cannot confirm if any of them is right

200g salt
500g water
6-8 duck eggs
1 plastic or bottle with cover

1) boil salt in water until dissolve
2) leave aside to cool
3) wipe clean the duck eggs & leave aside
4) after 6 hours, pour salt water into the bottle
5) slowly put in the eggs, careful not to hit the egg against each other
6) use a small bowl to press down the egg into the brine
7) cover & leave for 16 - 20 days ( can be in the fridge)

Christine Ho (en.christinesrecipes.com) recommended 
1 Tbsp of Shaoxing wine added to the cooled brine to get RED yolk

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