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Sunday, 20 September 2015



Flaky Tai Yang Bing
cut in half

Freshly baked Tai Yang Bing
waiting to be cooled

Tai Yang Bing 
looks like 
Lao Po Bing
these are pale looking

These are sweet 
stuffed pan cakes
in traditional flaky outer shell

It is famous in Taiwan
If your friends come back from Taiwan
they will surely give you a box or 2

The following recipe is adapted from
Alex Goh's Tai Yang Bing

Flaky Crust

A) Water Dough
      1/4 tsp maltose
      50g hot water (added to maltose to dissolve it)
      110g superfine flour
      15g caster sugar
      45g shortening

B) Oil Dough 
      75g superfine flour
      45g shortening

20g maltose
1/2 Tbsp hot water (added to maltose to dissolve it)
80g icing sugar (can be reduced if do not like sweet)
25g superfine flour
20g butter

1) combine ingredients in 
      water dough, 
      oil dough & 
      filling SEPARATELY
2) divide each dough into 8 portions & roll into balls as follows:

3) flatten water dough & wrap oil dough inside
4) flatten ball lengthwise with palm of hand
5) roll out dough flat into rectangle
6) roll up as in swiss roll

8) press to flatten swiss roll, & roll out into rectangle again
9) roll up as in swiss roll one more time
10) fold swiss roll in half & press with palm
11) roll flat into round to wrap filling
12) seal the edge & place on parchment paper
13) bake in preheated oven 200'C for 12-15min

1) Tai yang Bing in Taiwan is pale looking
     If you prefer the light colour you need to tent the biscuits
     5 min after baking i.e. before it turns brown!
2) If you like the golden colour:
    glaze with egg yolk + 1 tsp water before going into the oven

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