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Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Prayers

Recalling how I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior
I can't deny that I am blessed abundantly
Life may still go on without Jesus then
But I am very sure it would not be what I am today

If it was not for Jesus in the year 2008
I could have been dead, believing and trusting man  
He walked and stood with me against the dreadful disease
Giving me visions and assurance that He would be glorified

I was able to see my 2nd daughter married in the same year
My hubby gave thanks to the Lord, witnessing and
Glorified Him during the wedding Reception
Touching the hearts of many who know of it for the first time

Lord God has blessed me with 4 lovely and caring daughters
Chin, Yee & Doreen are married to 3 wonderful sons-in-law
I know He has already planned a godly husband for Fong Fong
I put my trust in You O God,  for You have good plans for her

I am not be a perfect daughter to God, but
I know God loves me just as much as before
He is always by my side, watching over me 
Ever ready to pick me up if I happen to trip

So many years have passed, He is still so faithful
He has blessed me with 2 smart grandchildren by Chin
I know God has plans for my other married girls too 
His sovereign plan is always perfect as He knows what is best


Dear Lord Jesus

I am like a sand pebbles on the seashore
And yet you found me and gave me life
You love me beyond words could express

You bless me with a Godly husband
whose loving kindness encourages me and
My walk with you through troubles and storms

All that I am, I give you praise
I will glorify you for all that you have done
And thank you for watching over me and my family

You are the only true and living God
I strongly believe that if I delight in You
You will grant me the desires of my heart

In Jesus blessed name I pray, amen 

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