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Friday, 25 September 2015


If you want to make a double layer agar agar
you need to prepare the mixture separately
not for this one

Everything is combined 
you still get a two layer agar agar

A) 200ml santan
     1 egg
     pinch of salt

B) 1/2 pkt (25g pkt agar2 powder)
     1500ml water
     2 pandan leaves, knotted
     palm sugar & sugar to taste

1) measure volume of santan+egg & 
     discard the same amount of water from (B)
2) add salt to (A) and beat until combined, leave aside
3) add agar agar powder & pandan leaves to remaining water
4) boil until agar agar dissolved
5) sweeten with palm sugar & caster sugar if necessary
6) stir in santan mixture
7) remove from heat before it boils again
8) pour onto moulds & leave to cool
9) chill until ready to serve

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