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Friday, 31 July 2015


I am sure Jin Doi is known among the Chinese Community

Jin Doi are deep fried sesame balls
wrapped in red bean paste
or groundnuts

As sesame glutinous balls are deep fried
 I have found a good way of presenting it,
PAN FRIED & no oil at all!

It is indeed a healthy version!

Just follow the simple steps below
which I adapted the recipe from rumblingtummy23

You will need: (for 8pcs)
100g sweet potato, steamed
1 tsp oil
1 Tbsp sugar
90g glutinous rice flour
2 Tbsp rice flour
50g water (to adjust accordingly)

red bean paste (15g each)

1) mash sweet potato while hot
2) add oil, sugar & mix well
3) add rice flour & half of glutinous rice flour & blend together
4) add remaining glutinous rice flour & adjust with water 
5) knead to form a dough
6) divide dough into 8 portions
7) wrap filling & form into a ball and then flatten
8) heat up a non-stick frying pan
9) fry pancakes until golden brown
10) serve hot

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