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Sunday, 2 August 2015

FOOCHOW MEAT SOUP or huat nuke thoon

I never like to eat meat
especially those pieces in the soup

The Foochow people 
found a special way to cook their meat
to make it tender and nice

Huat Nuke Thoong in Foochow dialect
comes from
thoon = soup
nuke = meat
huat = tender

When combined:
is a soup dish with
pieces of glossy & tender meat with vegetables

Glossy because the meat pieces 
are covered with a layer of starch which make it so tender and nice

My grandmother from Sitiawan
likes to cook this dish herself because according to her it needs skill
(the secret is: she rubbed the starch into the marinated meat before cooking)

Look at this juicy, shinny piece of meat
which I have lifted up for you to see

My grandmother, a Foochow from China
liked to cook this soup with chinese cabbage (long type)
but I prefer choy sim
it depends on your liking

To prepare this soup, you will need:

vegetable of your choice
lean meat, cut into thin slices, marinate with pepper & salt
soup base (either chicken, pork or even ikan bilis)
tapioca flour or corn flour

1) rub flour into the marinated meat, make sure it really goes into the meat 
2) heat up soup base & cook the vegetables
    (if using chinese cabbage, you will need to cook the veg. until soft)
3) bring the soup to a rolling boil
4) put the meat pieces, one by one into the boiling soup
5) when the meat floats, it is cooked. So you can safely turn off the heat
6) serve hot


Sherry Peris from Facebook said...


Katie Foong: Tasted this before?

Sherry Peris: Looks something like the Bakee Soup
that i had at the Hokkien Mee stall in town

Cheang Lih Ching: Yes, in Penang there are some selling
this good bakee soup with cabbage.

Sherry Peris: Love it

Katie Foong: Cheang Lih Ching Is it? I better try to compare .

Sharon Ting of Facebook said...

I missed this a lot! Yum yum

Katie Foong: So soft and juicy. Young children
especially those who do not like to eat meat,
will be happy to try.....

Jessie Tee from Facebook said...

luv this type of soup simply yummy..

Katie Foong: I think Foochow people loves soupy dishes.
So, many of their dishes come in bowls instead of plates!

Nk Lee from Facebook said...

Katie, are you from Sitiawan?

Katie Foong: No, my parents are. I married a hoochiew noin from Sitiawan.
So I went back to Sitaiwan quite often during our younger days.

Nk Lee: I'm from Sitiawan. Residing in Ipoh now.

Katie Foong: Nk Lee Haha! so near and yet do not know each other!

Avril Tan Jennin from Facebook said...

I cook this all the time for my kids.

Katie Foong: Your kids must have enjoyed this soupy, juicy meat!

Avril Tan Jennin: Yes, they love it.
My mom still cook this for me & my kids
whenever we have chance to visit her.

Katie Foong: Avril Tan Jennin wow! So good 👍