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Monday, 3 August 2015

FOOCHOW TOFU SOUP (khor ta au)

If you come to Sitiawan
A Foochow dominant town
You will surely come across this famous 

豆腐湯 This is just
a simple tofu soup
cook in Sitiawan Foochow way

 If you order tofu soup in Sitiawan Restaurant
you will most probably be asked:
which one?
Ta wu thoong or khor ta au?

Although they have the same ingredients
like oyster, shrimps, pork & vegetables

the difference is
The soup of Ta Wu thoong is watery
The soup of khor ta au is thick

If you have tasted both
you will surely like the khor ta au 

shown here

Ta wu thoong 
with its clear and watery soup

Do you like to try cooking the khor ta au?

1 box soft tafu, cut into small pieces
some shrimps
cut slices of lean pork
vegetables & spring onions
soup base (either from ikan bilis, chicken soup)
some cut shallots
1 Tbsp cooking oil
1.5 Tbsp. corn flour mixed with 2 Tbsp water

1) heat oil in a small pot
2) add shallots & fry till fragrant
3) add sliced pork, shrimp and fry together
4) add soup & tofu, let boil
5) add vegetables, pepper & salt to taste
6) slowly pour in the corn flour mixture, adjusting the thickness of soup
7) serve hot

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