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Monday, 15 May 2017


I was skeptical about adding Raw Oats
to these little rolls
worry that it may affect the texture.

I want it to be soft and spongy
little sweet rolls

To my surprise they came out just the way I want it.

Recipe adapted from Adelinealy's sourdough baguettes

Sourdough Raw Oat Rolls
A) 470g Bread flour
     50g raw oats
     230g milk
     90g water
     40g sugar
     100g sourdough starter

B) 1 tsp salt
     40g butter

1. mix A and knead in bread machine for 15min
2. add salt & oil, continue kneading for another 15min
3. cold retard 24-48 hours
4. thaw at RT for 30min, preshape & rest 15min
5. shape & cover loosely to proof until double
6. preheat oven 200'C for 15min
7. score, mist bread & bake on middle rack (total baking time 30min)
Bake at 200'C 10min, mist bread
             200'C 5 min, mist bread again
             continue baking another 15min  


Jaylene Chuah from Facebook said...

Sis Katie Foong if don't have raw oats can omit?? Starter is active ones.?

Katie Foong: Need to compensate the amount of raw oats with flour. Starter to be at its peak or near peak.

Adelinealy Lim from Facebook said...

Beautiful rolls.

Katie Foong: Thank you. I have adapted this recipe from your Mini Baguette.