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Sunday, 14 May 2017


Calamansi is
from the Citrus family
it is rich in Vitamin C

It is good for throat & respiratory illness.

As such, these fresh calamansi are then preserved
made available at any time
either hot or cold drink

One can also order a glass from the coffee shop
and they call it Kumquat,
which is another yellowish species

Instead of the usual preservation in salt,
these are preserved in sugar solution 
 they call it
Honey Kat Drink!

This is an interesting way of preserving calamansi -
with salted sour plum
embedded inside the calamansi
then soaked in sugar solution for a month or so before using.
If you are curious, here is the simple method:
Preserved Calamansi Drink
300g fresh calamansi
100g sour plums
3/4 cup sugar

1. boil some sugar solution (needs to be quite sweet, as preservative),
    and leave aside to cool
2. boil a pot of hot water and pour over the cleaned calamansi, soak the fruits for 5 min
3. drain
4. slit the calamansi & remove the seeds, collect the juice
5. put 1 sour plum into the calamansi & close back
6. place the calamansi into a clean & dry bottle
7. pour the juice back to the bottle
8. add the sugar solution once it is completely cooled
9. leave in fridge to mature before consuming (about 1 month)

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