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Friday, 26 May 2017


many will shy away 
because it is a tedious long hour cooking dish

Yet, it is loved by many.

I have this recipe shared by my Malay colleague, Mai
It is her mom's no fuss recipe

Mai's Easy Rendang Ayam
A) 1/4 chicken, chopped into bite size

B) 2 slices ginger
     2 slices galangal
     5 shallots
     10 dried chili, remove seed & soak in hot water
C) 1/8 tsp turmeric powder
     1 pc dried tamarind slice (assam keping)
     1 lemon grass, smashed
     50ml coconut milk
     1-2 Tbsp grated coconut
     1/2 daun kunyit (turmeric leaf), shredded
      salt & sugar to taste

1. blend ingredients (B), no need to be very fine
2. marinate chicken pieces with blended (B) in a stewing pot
3. add turmeric powder, tamarind, lemon grass, grated coconut, mix well
4. add coconut milk & cook in Low fire, stirring often (add more water if necessary)
5. when chicken is soft, add turmeric leaves, salt & sugar to taste.
6. Enjoy

Important Note:
She says if you use packet coconut milk, you need to fry (B) with 2 Tbsp oil
in a wok before adding the rest of the ingredients. This is because oil has been
removed from packet santan! 


Mooy Lee from Facebook said...

Wish I can cook like

Katie Foong: Can, just dump everything inside as I have done, then stir as it cook over low heat!

Mooy Lee: Will try

Swee Bee Ong from Facebook said...

Sis. Katie step no 2 i am not so sure. Mean steam the chicken with blended ingredient ? For how long?

Katie Foong: Step no.2 is simply put all ingredients into the stewing pot, to cook. No steaming. See the notes, If you should use packet coconut milk, better fry the blended ingredients with 2 Tbsp cooking oil because packet coconut milk has no cream, already removed during packaging!

Swee Bee Ong: O.i.c. hihi..read again now understand. Try tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Look easy .

Swee Bee Ong from Facebook said...

thank you for your ayam rendang recipe. So easy to make