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Sunday, 14 May 2017


It is the time of the year again

5th Day of the 5th month of the Lunar calendar
Duan Wu Zei
Zhongzi Zei as many prefer to call it

There is a story behind it, as Ellie Lee puts it:

make their rice dumpling with 2 simple ingredients,
glutinous rice & peanuts.

Today in Sitiawan
you can find Foochow dumplings with red bean paste filling
sold throughout the year

My late mother in law 
usually bought one big bundle of 30 dumplings 
to celebrate the occasion

My mom likes to make her own dumplings.
Foochow Dumplings is not readily available in Ipoh where we reside.

It is also the time of the year that all of us girls in the family
sit together to help wrap these dumplings.

If  you are interested 
I would like to share you the following recipe

Foochow Peanut Dumpling
1 kg glutinous rice, soaked overnight or at least 4 hours
200g peanuts, with skin on (boiled until soften)
2 tsp salt
2-3 tsp alkali water
400g red bean paste, divide into 20 balls of 20g each (optional)*

Bamboo leaves & hempstring
soaked in boiling water overnight to soften, cleaned

1. drain rice, add salt & alkali water, mix well
2. mix in 1/2 soften peanuts
3. fold bamboo leaf into a cone, add 1 Tbsp rice
4. put 1 ball of red bean paste in, & cover with more rice
5. fold the leaf to cover the cone & fold in the sides
6. use a hempstring to secure the sides. 
7. cook in a pressure cooker (beans function)
8. when cooked, remember to hang the dumplings up so that it will not be soggy

Homemade red bean paste filling
250g red bean
165g sugar
50g oil

Day 1
1. boil red bean until soft, use pressure cooker
    let cool overnight
Day 2
1. blend the beans until fine
2. fry blended beans with sugar & oil until mixture leaves the side of pan
3. let cool overnight


Daphne Jap from Facebook said...

I never seen or heard about adding peanuts to this chang....tks for sharing!

Katie Foong: This is Foochow dialect specialty

Daphne Jap: Your Foochow's food are really commendable.....lucky to have someone like you to share w us.

Katie Foong: Just try to share the little that I know.

Ellie Sim from Facebook said...

2 kim, I have never tried Fuchow rice dumpling... *hint hint*

Katie Foong: Sure or not? Mama gave us all meh? I am sure you also got a share, haha!

Ellie Sim: No way.... I would remember if she did! Lol. I seriously haven't tried much of Fuchow food. Really really!

Katie Foong: Oh dear

Cecillia Ngui Hea Ping from Facebook said...

I still remember , my grandmother made this for me , so yummy . Thanks for sharing

Katie Foong: Yes, many of us like it. My mom especially.

Pearl Wee from Facebook said...

Wish I could order from you.

Katie Foong: Oh no, I only do for hobby.
My intention is simply to pass on my knowledge.

Regina Lim: Katie Foong ya we need more sifu like you..
not selfish to pass on the knowledge to others
so a delicacies can be pass on from generations to generations.
I really admire people like u ..kenneth goh..jeannie tey..mandy ..and alots more that always willing to guide others ..thankful katie

Choon Meng Yeap from Facebook said...

Wow looks yummy 😋

Katie Foong: Yes, if you like dumplings

Choon Meng Yeap: Oh yes Oh yessss

Cynthia Yeoh from Facebook said...

Katie.. you are always good in every food.. just like my sister.
Thanks again for sharing.

Katie Foong: just sharing my little knowledge... Thank you

Lai Lee Yap from Facebook said...

Very generous people in this group tq
Love to go to yr humble kitchen blog.....

Katie Foong: You are welcome dear

Anna Leong from facebook said...

Wow!!love d colour...bright yellow...will give a try...tks

Katie Foong: enjoy