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Sunday, 27 November 2016


Steamed Paus 
are popular among the Foochow community in Sitiawan

Be it plain, savory or sweet
they like them all alike

The most popular one is no doubt 
Pillow Pau 
which is shaped like a pillow
with filling inside

Another popular sweet pau is

Thousand Layer Koh
千層糕 or 千葉糕

When spoken in Foochow
'Ching Aik Koh'
Sounds like 

Today, they are fondly called
'moh moh'
where more types of filling are added

These paus are only out of the steamer after 2 pm everyday,
but usually sold out before Tea Break ends!

Sonia has shared her recipe here

350g pau flour
1 tsp double action baking powder
1 tsp instant yeast
40g sugar
10g shortening
200g water, adjust accordingly

125g roasted peanuts, ground
40g sugar
60g melon strips, chopped
10g corn oil

1) all dough ingredients go into bread machine, knead for 15-20 min
    until smooth, let rest 15 min
2) divide dough into 5 parts of 100g each
3) roll flat each ball into a square to fit the base of a lined 6" square pan. 
4) spread 1 square onto the base of the pan, fit the corners well
5) spread 1/4 of the filling onto this 1st layer of dough
6) cover the filling with a new layer of dough, top with 1/4 filling again
7) repeat step 6 until all the dough has been laid into the pan
8) put the pan into the steamer and let rise 20-25 min until double 
9) steam over high heat for 25-28min from cold water
10) turn off gas, and leave in steamer for 5min before removing 


Lytin Diong from Facebook said...

my favorite pau <3

Katie Foong: good, you can make your own now.

Maria Bee from Facebook said...

Tq Katie for the delicious recipe!
I'm so happy that you are introducing more n more yummy recipes!

Katie Foong: you are welcomed dear

Cindy Yong from Facebook said...

hi Katie thank you for sharing, is there any replacement for shortening ?

Katie Foong: Yes. Use corn oil . It will be just as good .

Priscilla Tan from Facebook said...

My fav thanks a million Katie for sharing

Katie Foong: You are welcomed dear

Elaine Loke Yeen Ling said...

I want to buy if u sell this :)

Katie Foong: I enjoy trying out new recipes but cannot commit to sell. Very stress! Thank you.