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Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Growing Old is not always well accepted
Many dread to be at this stage of life
It is like approaching the finish line
There is nothing one can do
but slowly being dragged into it!

Old is said to be at a stage of unproductivity
How true is this, in this advancing society?
Why the retirement age has been raised?
Do you realize that your contribution still matters?
So, let us prepare ourselves to face the new phase of life

Look at the world. Is it dwelling on the past? No!
No one likes to hear your past achievements,
neither do they take your regrets into consideration
The windscreen is meant for you to see clearly what is to come
while the rear mirror is just a reflection of the past

If you think that your age is your 'Pass' to gain respects & rights
Think twice! Some may think you are a hindrance
Be grateful if you have somebody offering a seat on trains
Give yourself a pack on the back & accept it with a word of thanks
Appreciating that there is somebody aware of your presence

Having struggled through so many fruitful years of
Living and working hard for your family,
Isn't it time to live for yourself now?
Embark on something that you have dreamed of doing
And live life to the fullest, enjoying what you may have missed.

Your children are all grown ups now and have families of their own
They are busy with their commitments just like yours before
So, do not burden them with your problems like health & relationship
Take good care of yourself & extend help whenever required
Let this saying  家有一老、如有一宝 be realized

Grandchildren are gifts from God,
They are for us to enjoy, strengthening the bond with their families
Refreshing the relationships that we once had with their parents
The closeness created gives us the sense of belonging
Blood is thicker than water afterall....


TZU said...

Dear Katie,

I am a Foochow Chinese Singaporean and am enjoying reading your blog entries very much. Thank you for being so kind and graceful and generous to share your recipes. I am eager to try them soon. If only every senior parent can think like you. There would be less heartache in a multi generation family.

Please continue to post. Much appreciated!

Katie Foong said...

TZU, glad you like my posts. It is so encouraging to know that some one is reading my Posts.
I appreciate your feed back. Thank you very much.