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Sunday, 23 October 2016


During the olden days

Qi Dan Kau

made in every household

This is either steamed in one big bamboo tray
in individual cups

The light & soft texture
together with its unique flavour
has brought back many  childhood memories

My hubby said
when he was a kid
he dread to help beating the eggs 
because it was really very tiring
every child in the family must take turn to beat

when they saw the eldest sister
took out the utensils
he & and the younger ones
would quietly sneak out of the house!

Following the traditional ratio
of 1 : 1 : 1
to steam
Qi Dan Kou
I was never successful 

I have adapted this recipe from
 Melissa Ho Lee Cheen's

Thank you Melissa

Traditional Steamed Qi Dan Kou

2 eggs AA
70g sugar
150g self raising flour
50ml 100PLUS
1/4 tsp vanilla essence

1. beat eggs and sugar until pale & fluffy using mixer
2. add 100PLUS slowly while the mixer is still beating (can add last)
3. fold in carefully the sifted flour in batches, do not over mix
4. pour into lined bamboo tray or lined muffin cups
5. put some coarse sugar on batter to make a cross if you want the cake to crack at the top after steaming
6. steam on HIGH for 20 min (cupcake), 35-40 min (tray) from boiling water
7. check with a skewer if it is cooked

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