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Sunday, 2 October 2016



A Simple Dish 
but liked by many

The ingredients are common
can be found in all kitchen


Soya Sauce Chicken
A) 1 chicken thigh
     salt to taste

B) 1" old ginger, smashed
     4 cloves garlic, peeled & smashed
     few pepper corns, smashed
     3 Tbsp soya sauce
     1 Tbsp dark soy sauce, for colour, can add more
     1/2 tsp sugar
     1 cup water

1. bring to boil all ingredients in (B), continue to simmer
2. add chicken thigh into the simmering liquid
3. periodically bathe the chicken thigh with the sauce
4. simmer for 15-20 min., or until a chopstick can go through when poked into the           chicken thigh
5. add salt if needed
6. remove from heat & allow chicken to rest in sauce
7. chop chicken into bite size, arrange on a serving plate
8. pour sauce over the chicken to serve


Maria Bee from Facebook said...

Tq for your delicious recipe.
October 19 at 4:22pm

Katie Foong: You are welcomed dear.
Lazy you may say about me, but this is what I usually do,
always looking for shortcuts without compromise to taste!
October 19 at 4:24pm

Maria Bee: U r great!
October 19 at 9:20pm

Katie Foong: Maria Bee just want to share what I think helpful to working moms

Jo Lim from Facebook said...

Thanks Katie Foong for another winner simple dish which I really need for busy & lazy days
October 19 at 4:30pm

Katie Foong: you are welcomed dear.
October 19 at 4:35pm

Melinda Ooi from Facebook said...

Looks so succulent
October 19 at 8:34pm

Katie Foong: Yes, if you leave the chicken thigh in the sauce
until ready to serve only chop it!
October 19 at 9:04pm